The Talented 6 Present: How to Recognize and Maximize the Talent Within Yourself

The Cardinal Nest, Inc. hosted it’s 3rd Annual Youth Empowerment Conference entitled “Promise University: Shaping your Quintessential Self” on Friday, May 19, 2017 at the Oswald Conference Center in downtown Cleveland. During the conference, members of The Talented 6 presented a powerful workshop for over 50 students from East Cleveland & surrounding areas entitled “We Are the Tenth: How to Recognize and Maximize the Talent within Yourself.” The workshop enlightened students about the talented tenth concept as described by W.E.B.Dubois. The presenters Benjamin, Will, & Ryan were each charismatic, relatable, and inspiring. With the conference theme focusing on the idea of channelling essential skills and qualities to be your best self, this workshop impeccably fell in line. Based on both student and adult feedback, the Talented Six’s workshop was a staple component of the program. If you are looking for a group to come and relay a message that not only resonates with youth, but also inspires adults, get the Talented Six on board! We look forward to working with this group again in the very near future as we all strive to make our world a better place.
— Carly Hill - Founder of Cardinal Nest Inc.

The Talented 6 Present - Black History and Talented Development at Anton Grdina

To the Talented Six,
We thank you for taking time and speaking to our young people. I think the powerful part of your presentation was relating your “My Story” to the scholars, they relate when you bring it to reality. We really enjoyed your presentation and we hope to have you back.
— Valerie Flowers - Educator; Curriculum and Instructional Specialist, Anton Grdina, PreK-8

The Talented 6 Present - Social Justice at First Community Church

The Youth Program at First Community Church hosted the great men of The Talented 6 to facilitate discussions with 60+ kids (grades 6-12) on social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement.  The hour and half spent with them was engaging and inspiring as well as far too short.  The kids loved it so much they wish they could have spent more time with them!  It was one of our more impactful sessions, bringing us together even more as a community along with a wonderful new partnership with The Talented 6.  We thank you!
“I loved the discussion my class had with the Talented 6. We didn’t just talk about social injustice but we discussed the many ways we can be a “Good Samaritan” by accepting, loving and supporting others throughout our daily lives.”
 –High School Junior, Kate Gomez

Thank you again so much!  Throughout this week, multiple kids/parents have approached me complimenting what you guys did and for having you all.  It was wonderful.  I hope we can continue to keep in touch!  Thanks again!
— Kendall Glasser - Youth Program Coordinator l Program Director

The Talented 6 Present - "Major Keys" at the Not Another Statistic Conference

The Talented 6 provided me with valuable knowledge about finances that I could apply to my everyday life. The session was easy to follow and very entertaining. These guys know how to keep a crowd engaged on a topic that would otherwise be boring. Everyone should know the major keys to personal finance. Also, I’ve downloaded the app acorns and it’s AMAZING. lol the way I swipe my card I’m gonna be rich in no time.
— Kia Grayson - Baldwin Wallace University '18 l Men In Action Chair

If you are interested in having The Talented 6 speaking at your next event or conference contact us at thetalentedsix@gmail.com