Linden-McKinley: One Team. One Family.

By far, one of my favorite team pictures EVER. This was taken last season right after we beat our rival East HS.

By far, one of my favorite team pictures EVER. This was taken last season right after we beat our rival East HS.

One Team. One Family. What exactly does this mean?

Well, this is what a few players and coaches said it means to them.

“To me, it means that if you treat each other like family we’ll play like a team and if we mess up, we won’t break down and give up. And we will always make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to do.” – Nate (Junior PF/C)

"To me it means we play as a family, win or lose as a family, and protect each other just like a family would." - Toree (Junior PG) 

“We play as a team but at the end of the day, win or lose, we are still a family.” – Claude (Senior PG/SG)

“Everyone on the team has each other’s back and that the successes and failures of one person is the successes and failures of the team/family.” – Coach Stuhlfauth (Head Coach)

"One team means we have one collective goal and we're all rowing in the same direction. Individual tasks may look different but the goal is the same. One family means we have each other's back at ALL times. We support one another in the highs and lows. And most of all we show love in the midst of mistakes, losses, wins, and triumph."  – Coach Vaughn (Assistant Coach)

The notion of “One Team. One Family” is a way of life for our program. We say it before and after every practice and every game. It’s embedded in everything we do on and off the court. Yes our players fight like brothers. Yes they disagree with each other at times. Yes they compete, but at the end of the day, we always stand by our motto “One Team. One Family” no matter what we may face.

I have had the honor to witness this comradeship first hand for the past 2 years. I have witness our basketball program grow leaps and bounds on and off the court during my time as a coach at Linden. In the last 2 years, we have had 3 former players earn an academic/athletic scholarship to play college basketball. We have developed a student-athlete leadership development program called BRICK (Brotherhood. Respect. Intellect. Community. Knowledge.). And our team is continually to get better on the court and earning the respect we deserve in the City League and throughout the state. However, one thing that has been a real challenge for us is raising money for the many things we want to do for our basketball program. So we wanted to do something different and community/school oriented to raise funds for the 2016 - 2017 basketball season.

*Inserts Drum Roll*

For this year's fundraising campaign, we will sell One Team. One Family. t-shirts. We will use the money from this fundraiser to purchase new jerseys for our players. Unfortunately, the majority of our jerseys are too big on our players and often times, we have to use athletic tape to serve as a draw string to make sure our player’s shorts don’t fall down while they’re playing in a game.

If we raise enough money, our plan is to pass down the jerseys from the Varsity team to the JV team and pass down the jerseys from the JV team to our freshmen team. We would like to purchase 30 new Nike jerseys (15 home and 15 away) for the Varsity team, which will cost $3,450 ($115 per jersey).

Sidebar – If you don’t want to buy a t-shirt and just want to support our basketball program, please feel free to reach out to me or any of the other coaches.

Not only will this fundraising campaign benefit the boys basketball team, but it will also benefit the ENTIRE SCHOOL as well as the LINDEN COMMUNITY. As a coaching staff, we truly believe that the One Team. One Family. t-shirts can be the start to something great. This will be a great way to spread Linden Pride throughout the neighborhood. We envision our players wearing the shirt during pre-game warm-ups. We also envision students wearing the shirt at school and alumni and supporters of the school and team wearing the shirt in the community. Let’s all come together and make this LIT.

Please click on this link for our virtual store, where we will be selling our One Team. One Family. t-shirts. #OneTeamOneFamily #PantherNation #LindenProud #LindenPride