Climbing the Corporate Ladder...Is it REALLY worth it?

Myself and many other people have had the opportunity of working in Corporate America. And some of us have attempted to climb the infamous corporate ladder.

Ever since I can remember, I was told to get a job in Corporate America and climb the corporate ladder and in turn this would lead to success and prosperity for me.

This “imaginary” ladder has been advantageous for some and has caused a great deal of stress for others.

In my career, I have been blessed to travel outside of the country for work, attend various sporting events and galas, brush elbows with top level executives, and eat at 5 star restaurants.

Sounds like a wonderful job…Right?  However, all of this came at a HEFTY cost.

From working 70 hours a week to dealing with office politics. From fake liking my colleagues to eating dinner every night in a small conference room with 5 other people. From barely having a social life to always contemplating quitting my job every day.

One day I asked myself, “Is all of this REALLY worth it?”

I am sure some of you have asked yourself this same question multiple times.

However, I knew the answer all along but my ego and pride wouldn’t allow me to get off the “ladder.”

Quite frankly, I was too concerned about people’s opinions about my departure, clueless on what I wanted out of my career, too worried about the corporate perks that I would be missing out on, and cared too much about the prestige that my employer held in the corporate world.

Eventually, I determined that climbing the corporate ladder wasn’t worth it for me (after two jobs) and took a job that was more aligned with my future career aspirations.

For those who are going through this same dilemma, I would encourage you to do the following:

  • Ask yourself, Is it REALLY worth it?"
  • Do a self-assessment and truly determine about what you really want your career to be
  • Listen to your conscience and have faith in the process
  • Connect w/ a person in the profession that you are interested in --- Linkedin is your BFF
  • Don’t worry about other people’s opinions

And for those who think climbing the corporate ladder is worth it…more power to you and much respect.