Check this Out!: Interview with Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler

Check this out!

In anticipation of one the most important movies in Black Film History, Black Panther, check this interview out with Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler. I watch/listen to a ton of online content while I work.,This was not my first time hearing Coogler speak so I anticipated the typical radio interview but after listening, I was pleasantly surprised with a very strong impression about two things:

  1. The realness of Coogler. I remember vaguely Coogler having a studder when listening to interview for Fruitvale, but during this one it was refreshing just to hear and see an African American Man being himself. Not changing his speech, tone or pattern but being his genuine self. And even more important publicly being accepted and praised for it; Oscar nominated, Big Box Office acknowledged, Critically acclaimed and still being his authentic self.

  2. The other big thing for me was how he spoke about Africa. I have a couple friends that have been and have shared their experience with me, it was never anything earth shaking. I’m ashamed to say now but I never really had the desire to go to Africa. But after listening to Ryan's descriptions, experience, and reverence he speaks about his Africa trip for Black Panther research, it had me planning a trip immediately.

It’s a good listen, and will build your anticipation for the movie. I recommend you give it a listen.