Goal setting is pretty common when welcoming a new year. It can set the tone for how our year will start and finish-if we remain dedicated. It’s easy to compose a list of things we want to accomplish within the next 365 days, and even easier to get side tracked by everyday obstacles. Here’s three tips to consider when making a “2018 Goals” list that will surely help with setting plans for the year.

1. Be realistic.

When setting goals, it is important to have clear and attainable goals. This in no way means setting limitations or creating self-doubt. In fact, it’s the opposite. It involves knowing your strengths and weaknesses and using them to reach a new level. When we set realistic goals, we get to examine where we lack, acknowledge that we no longer want to stay where we are, and make the appropriate moves to grow through the process.

2. Be intentional.

Taking the time to set realistic goals is a waste of time unless there’s a direction in which they are headed. What I mean is, if the ultimate goal is to start a business, then it would be wise to create step-by-step goals that will lead to the desired outcome. It is easy to get tunnel vision when it comes to reaching the main goal that we forget the small accomplishments are just as important.

3. Be gentle.

“Gentle?” I know, let me explain. It’s not uncommon to say “I’m going to do this” with all of the confidence we have. How often do we say “if I don’t do this, I will be okay”? It is easy to get discouraged or even become depressed when we have put our effort into our work just to fall short of the goal. On the other hand, it’s not unlikely to be so focused on our goals that we become exhausted. It is important to notice when we are tired and take a much-needed, and well deserved break. Being gentle to ourselves during the process is key to realizing and reaching our goals.

When we can appreciate the small successes through the journey, we can see whether our ultimate goal was either unrealistic or simply not what we intended. Oh, one last thing! Steer clear of comparing with others. It’s counterproductive and can damage self-esteem. Instead, focus on the progress made from the beginning and watch your growth. I hope these tips have helped!!

Peace and blessings all 2018.