Know Yourself

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"Know yourself, know your worth!" (In my best Drake Impression.)  This post is for the ladies. The ones who constantly put themselves and their goals on the back burner because society tells them that women have to sacrifice themselves before having it all. I know plenty of women (myself include) who choose to be nurturers instead of being bosses (my friend Porsha likes to say, "It’s apart of our intuition"). Many women on the contrary believe that we were put on this earth to nurture. I can agree with this; however, I know that we are worth so much more. Because at the end of the day, whether you are a man or woman, we are all human beings. So, to all those sexist assholes out there, MEN AND WOMEN FEEL THE EXACT SAME EMOTIONS!

Now that we got that out of the way. Ladies, please pay close attention. I know life gets hard and we feel that we need to wrap our lives into toxic, meaningless relationships with men or even our friends.  We need to pay close attention to those who we choose to surround ourselves with, and those who we think has our best interest at heart.  I speak from experience! When you tell someone that someone close to them is toxic, THEY WILL NOT LISTEN!  It's in our nature to always see the good in people. We all have breaking points and believe it or not, women tend to have stronger breaking points than men. Sorry guys, but think about it this way: How many men could forgive a girl who cheated on him more than five times along with sleeping with his homie or family member? I didn't think so. 



Ladies, we need to put our level of endurance for toxic people elsewhere. I know we all want to forgive people for the wrongs they have done to us and believe me, you can definitely do that. However, you don't have to entertain or continue these toxic friendships because people are who they are and they won’t change. You can forgive someone and still move on with your life. I have learned people will only do what you allow them to do. So if your man is constantly cheating on you, IT'S BECAUSE YOU ALLOW IT. If your friends only use you for your money, time or possessions, IT'S BECAUSE YOU ALLOW IT.


It's hard and it gets even harder, but you have to invest in self-love more than anything.  Stop waiting for your "UNICORN TO COME IN WITH FLOWERS" AND BE YOUR OWN FUCKING UNICORN.

How can we expect a man to respect us, treat us right, provide us with chivalrous manners and look at us to be his wife prospect? You have to let him know and if he doesn't understand with your words then maybe you have to show him with your actions. But never leave things in limbo for hopeful wishing. I have walked away from different situations because I knew my worth and I just couldn't sit around and waste my time. You have to find your worth and it's okay if you have to leave a few SHITTY situations to make the best "YOU" possible.