Monday Motivation - The Off-Season

As a high school basketball coach, one thing I know for sure is - your season's success is largely dependent on what is done in the "off-season". Two months dedicated to getting better, growing as individuals and as a team, both players and coaches. The enhancement of strengths and the strengthening of weaknesses all happen in the "off-season". Two long months, no warm up music, no fans in the stands, no newspaper clippings or highlights on the evening news. Just work.

Question, how's your "off-season"? You working? Growing? Getting better? How? Don't wait for the glory of the season to get here before you start to put in work. Don't wait for the promotion opportunity to come before you start to work the extra hours. Don't wait for the stands to be filled before you decide to practice your free throws. Growth happens when no one is watching, in the discomfort of the summer heat, with sweat in your eyes and tired muscles. The anguish of the preparation is nothing compared to the triumph that comes all because you prepared in the off-season.