Monday Motivation

Mark 12:10
"The stone that the builders rejected has become the capstone..."

Looking at the life of Jesus, much of his interaction with his "peers" or "colleagues" was filled with judgement and doubt for not only who he was but for what he was capable of doing. We walk through life, looking for purpose and then looking for ways to fulfill such purpose. Along the way we find that not everyone is welcoming with open arms or good intentions. They try to plant seeds of doubt and fear, attempt to downgrade you or your work. Jesus, for me always serves as a perfect example of how I should live. Not only spiritually but everyday interacting with the people I come across. Whether it's a co-worker, a neighbor or whomever it is. Jesus lived life with all eyes on him daily. Every move he made was watched and criticized and that was without him having to post it on Twitter. As he lived his life in ministry, opposition came. He took it and responded. Never losing his cool, remaining true to who he knew he was, a child of the King. They doubted him, he still worked miracles, they laughed at him, he still preached loud and proud. They spit on him, he continued to carry the cross. He knew who he was and he knew his purpose. It didn't matter that they didn't understand or accept him. It didn't matter that his own people didn't accept him as the son of God. All that mattered is that even though he was looked at as the rejected stone, he knew that he was the only stone that mattered. He knew that he was the foundation. So as you go through the week, accept that people will talk about you, laugh at your ideas, throw dirt on your name. Remember who and who's you are. For some you're the one that rejected, for others you're the cornerstone.