#MondayMotivation - You Were Built For This!

My mother always says "God never burdens your shoulders with more than He knows you can bear." Or something like that- she's had a lot of sayings over the years, but this one seems to always stick with me. Probably because it rings the truest, considering everything I've witnessed her go through as a hard-working, God-fearing single mother.

Tough times don't last, but tough people do. And tough people last because they are built to endure the hardships of the path God has set forth for them. Setbacks and losses force us to go back to drawing board and assess what went wrong, eventually preparing ourselves for a major bounce-back. Life is going to weigh on you at some point, whether it's work/school related, relationship based or something much more personal- we all get down at times because we're not robots, we're humans and shit happens. But the greatest gift God has bestowed upon us is the ability to weather storms, push through and rise up- He built us this way. God designed you for the grind He's putting you through. Look at Job, Daniel, David or Jesus (well no duh, but still though), God designed them all to withstand the trials and tribulations of their life journeys. Their faith never wavered or withered, and they were rewarded for staying strong and believing in God.

Whatever tough time you're experiencing, remember that this was always God's plan for you and that He built you for that exact struggle- and that there isn't a thing you can't overcome. Happy Monday, folks!