My 3 Powers of 2017

3 Powers of 2017

After reading Ben’s post on 2017 I began reflecting on my own year. And 2017 was one hellva year. I locked into serious dream chasing mode, pursing goals I long dreamed about but never gave a shot. And I immediately ran into struggles… but I persevered to experience new highs, personally and professionally. Now immediately running into problems may have broken the old me but this year was different. This year I was mentally and spiritually stronger than ever. But why? What made me different this year than any other year? Powers… I honed and realized several powers in my life. Helping me accomplish new highs in my career, real estate business, marriage, and T6. These are my three powers for 2017:

  1. Power of Writing Things Down

    In late 2016 I came across a video with Jack Dorsey, the founder and CEO of Twitter, he noted the key to his success was writing down all of his goals. Nothing earth shaking there, goes right in line with vision boards and other goal visualization techniques. But what caught my attention was his own technique before he starts his day. He would write his dos and don’ts for the day. The daily regimen of writing down the small things kept him in line with big picture goals. I started doing this exact regimen in late 2016 and carried it into 2017. It’s transformed over the year but it’s amazing to see goals on paper being brought to life. Doing this daily created a habit and there is a ton of power in habit. I also began waking at the same time, praying first thing in the morning, affirmations, and worshipping. If I skipped doing any of these I could feel my day shift and my energy be off. I realized it’s important to have these healthy habits so the outside world doesn’t dictate how your day goes and keeps you on track to accomplish something.
  2. Power of Reading

    I was never a big reader growing up but over this last year I began to understand the importance of reading for sharping your mind, maintaining a strong mental state and improving your writing ability. Some of my favorites this year: The Obstacle is the Way, Think and Grow Rich, A Course in Miracles, Relentless, Black Privilege, Jump, Creative Visualization, Audiobook How the Law of Attraction Made me a Millionaire, and The Magic of Believing. Reading provided me information but more importantly it enhanced my imagination, it opened a world full of possibility. After reading, I’d come up with a million ideas and I’d then take these ideas/visualizations and immediately throw them in my daily do’s list. “Imagination is everything, it’s the preview of life’s coming attractions”- Einstein
  3. Power of your Surroundings

    There are no limits except the ones we set on ourselves. “The main thing people are controlled by… the perception of themselves.”- Kanye. When I think of my surroundings, I think of actual people rather than objects. I learned the importance of controlling the individuals you let in your private life has influence on your perception. Perception is reality. Anything that felt toxic and negative I eliminated. As some of my goals began to feel overwhelming I began to learn who I could share with and who I couldn’t. I learned who would lift me up and then those who would nudge me to quit (some very close relatives). Surround yourself with the positive energy and goals don’t feel as big, problems don’t seem impossible, you create a positive perception of yourself, and the positive thoughts drown the doubt. Constantly reevaluate the individuals you let in your world.