68th Edition of The Purposed Driven Life: New Jack Innovation

“Guy” was one of the culture altering R&B groups of the 90’s that helped create the new jack sound. This song was created for one of the staple black movies of all time, “New Jack City.” This week in the Purposed Driven Life we talk about a “New Jack” innovating mentality. With emphasis on being proactive with change in our lives and embracing young, fresh ideas. Enjoy this new jack edition of The Purposed Driven Life: New Jack Innovation.

Being Proactive with Change

Change will occur in our field of purpose, our jobs, and our relationships. When this change takes place, we either proactively anticipate it or reactively fail. In the information overload society we live in today, we can study trends and future market innovations to embrace change. When we think of poor proactivity with regards to change, we can easily think of Blockbuster. In an always shifting society, Blockbuster refused to move with the times as companies like Netflix and Redbox were created with change in mind. We no longer wanted to take the time to go look in stores today for movies as well with VHS becoming a thing of the past. Blockbuster’s CEO even chuckled at Netflix when they offered to sale their company to Blockbuster for $40 million dollars when they had the video market in the palm of their hands. A lack of a new jack mentality lead to the demise of one of my childhood staples!


Embrace Young, Fresh, and Innovative Ideas

Having a new jack mentality in regards to our purpose driven walk requires us to also embrace ideas that are young, fresh and innovative. Sometimes we can be so stuck in our routine that we refuse to listen to younger people with simply better ideas, and we get left behind. I work in an environment of coaching where the younger coach is always regarded as incapable of making key decisions. The gag is the older coaches and schemes are being left behind because of a lack of innovation and execution. The Golden State Warriors have shown us all that young, fresh and innovative ideas can shake up and change a culture. In the early 2000’s, Basketball was all about the big man, dunks, mid range shots, and hero ball. Mark Jackson, Mike D’antoni, Steve Kerr and a few others  innovated a style of heavy 3 point shooting, running up and down the court, and having 5 guys on the floor that can do everything a guard needs to do to be successful. We have  watched them leave the NBA in the dust with their innovation. The Golden State Warriors are a great example of New Jack Innovation.