Societies Image, Not Mine

Whoever is about to embark on this article listen to me very clearly. You are special, you are an inspiration to this world, you are one of a kind, and you will make a positive mark on this place we call Earth before your time is up. One thing I don’t want you to be is society’s sheep, meaning I don’t want you to be mediocre and settle for average. A sheep is someone who sets small goals that are from “no effort” to “wow this is easy”. I don’t want you nor expect you to be like this, even though more than enough of our population settle for less. You can see people around you not having a go-getter attitude. They want you to be like them. They will put your dreams and goals so deep down in the gutter that you have no choice but to stay at their level. NO! I repeat do not let others dictate how you want your life to be. I say if you want a hundred million dollars go for it, if you want that model girlfriend definitely go for it, if you want a great big mansion and a maid then GO FOR IT! If there is nothing else you take away from this article I want you to embed this thought into your mind, your goals do not need to be extraordinary to someone else. You do not have to prove your self-worth and accomplishments to anyone but yourself. If the people around cannot understand that you cannot keep making a twelve to fifteen dollar an hour wage then maybe you should surround yourself with supporters that understand what you want more. Maybe you should advance your career and go where you want to go in life instead of living by the same standards as others. Maybe you should fess up that life is more than you can admit, that you need to not be afraid of growth and development. When situations get hard do not turn back on your goals. I want you to strategize a better outcome and return to overcoming the barriers needed to win. We all want the greatest life we can possibly have, so why don’t we put in the effort and have the mindset it takes to make it to the top spot and beyond. 

Society doesn’t care about the excuses you give as to why you failed, all it cares about is the results that can sustain its wellbeing. You have to keep eating or you will die. One goal will be accomplished and you have to keep obtaining knowledge and new information to move on up and keep going as far as you can. People say money doesn’t buy you happiness, but I bet it buys you everything you need to make you happy. If being mediocre and not obtaining your full potential is your goal then this article isn’t for you. I want to reach out to the “Wolves” of the pack among the “Sheep” that are crowding the world. Be all you can be and never give up the passion of a better future. Failure will happen, not saying it won’t but it’s what you do in that moment of losing faith that determines if this way of a better life is meant for you. If you don’t believe in yourself and your ideas then who will. This world will not always freely give you the tools needed to work your way up. Sometimes you have to pick up pieces of what you know and forge the tool needed to keep going. Prove to yourself that you are a wolf among sheep, prove that you will take life for all it is giving, and prove that you are willing to give all the potential you have been granted in life to move to places that you can control.

In life there are no guarantees, but I promise if you put effort and belief into your work and goals you will make it far beyond your imagination. You have your own path in the palm of your hands. Whether you take it upon yourself to actually do something right with it depends on if you’re willing to sacrifice the past and sacrifice the time needed in order to have a better life.