Entry Level Baby to Mid Level Shawty - Updating Your Resume

Updating your resume is something young professionals should be happy to do. It’s adding another page or section to the book of *insert your name here* professional accomplishments. Whether it’s adding your new job, skill(s), certification or education; updating your resume with additions show you been out here working....... LITERALLY!

If you’re like me, a young professional on the rise, you’re probably entering a new era of your professional career. From Entry level (0 to 3) years to Mid Level (3 - 6) years, two different career levels need two different resumes!  I’ve recently decided to update my resume to invite mid level vibes into my life, and thought I would share some of the things I did to my resume to push me into mid level consideration.

Adding Highlights

Whether in its own section like my resume, or blended in with each job description; what and where are your professional highlights? In basketball terms, the coach knows you are a point guard, that’s why you applied, but they should know what sets you apart! So tell them when u scored 30 points or when you messed around and got a triple double *Ice Cube Voice*


The same thing applies professionally too. Let the employer know your professional highlights. This also gives you something to talk about in your interview. They may ask about that time you stepped up and delivered a great presentation to the CFO, or how you had control of the company’s spending budget while in your last position, or how you led your team to success by doing XYZ. Highlights are a sentence long, maybe less, of something you have done. Check out some of my highlights to get an idea for some of yours. I personally use my highlights as talking points in the interview and to set myself apart right from the beginning. 


Start Quantifying your Accomplishments

So if you’re at the tail end of the entry level spectrum, you should have something to show for it. I’m in the finance field so as a mid level wannabe, I don’t only need to show the important things I did (above paragraph: adding highlights), but I also need to quantify what I did for emphasis. So, approximately how much money did you have control over, how many people did you train, how many calls did you take per hour, how many assignments were you assigned to as the lead? Quantify your achievements for emphasis and show the employer that you’re ready for a bigger position with more responsibility. Also, use the biggest number possible. On my entry level resume, I put that I had a  $100k monthly budget for payables, but that looks like a joke when compared to a $1.2M annual budget for payables. Same budget, but worded differently. Use the bigger number for bigger emphasis.


 Tailor your resume to success!

Tailoring your resume is EXTREMELY important! We talk about this a lot in The Career Takeoff Book (Available on iBooks and Amazon Kindle) so if u want to learn more about this, gon head and spend that $2.99 or $4.99 on something that will enhance your resume, but what I will share is that I tailor my resume with ease by using paragraph and bulletin descriptions. So instead of having 10 bulletins under each job like the regular resume template, I have a paragraph telling the employer about my position and 4 to 5 bulletins detailing some of my duties. I use those bulletins to tailor my experience to the job. So if I see something on their description that I do at my job, I will take that line and add it to the bulletin portion of my resume. I use the bulletins portion as my interchangeable experience to the job. So if my resume looks like this: 


And the job description has some bulletins that I know I do at my current job.


Then my resume should look like this before I apply:


We go more in depth about resumes, tailoring them, and adding achievements in our new book The Career Takeoff. Your resume is a representation of who you are professional, so make sure they see the best you! Click the links below to purchase our new book and to enhance your resume.



Using the tips above to update your entry level resume will definitely set you on the right path to mid level excellence.