Getcha Side Hustle On

We all want extra money in our pockets...Right? They say you should have multiple streams of income. But how do we get them? Some say get a better job. Others say work extra hours. Everyone has different methods to making more money.

It seems like side hustling is the THING to do nowadays, especially with Millennials. We got Uber blasting our TVs with ads encouraging us to drive for them. And we got companies like PostMates popping up on our FaceBook pages telling us that we can make up to $25 per hour to deliver food.

A person's side hustle can come in many different forms. There are people that bartend on the weekends, some people work on a volunteer basis just to gain experience, and there are many people that turn their hobby (blogging, doing make up, photography) into a side hustle. The experience obtained or the money made from side hustling can be truly beneficial. I know people that use their side hustle money to pay down their debt, invest in their business or even use the experience from their gig as leverage for future career aspirations.

Before I started “side hustling,” I thought I was too good for it (smh at myself) and was too concerned about what people would think about me. At that time, I was new to Columbus, had a nice paying job at Chase, and lived in a nice apartment in Polaris. But when the bills and student loans really started to kick in, I was forced to swallow my pride and take my first side hustle gig at Subway (a place I worked at in college). To be honest, the job wasn’t all that bad….the work was easy, the hours were flexible, the extra money was good and I got free food. I worked there for a few months and it actually allowed me to pay off a student loan from Sallie Mae a lot quicker than I expected.

Fast forward to now, I have two side hustles…coaching basketball and delivering food for PostMates and DoorDash. One is helping me fuel my passion by working with the youth and the other one is helping me pay down a tremendous portion of my student loan debt. It’s a win-win situation for me. The flexibility is super clutch and the extra money is extremely helpful in my quest on being debt free.

For those of you that are prideful like I was or who are on the fence about a side hustle, JUST DO IT. There is money to be made and tons of opportunities out there to do so. Some extra duckets in your pocket won’t hurt at all. As Mike Jones eloquently said, “If you don’t GRIND, you won’t SHINE.” 

***Major Key Alert***

If you are like me and don't like people in your car and don't mind delivering food, check out DoorDash. Please click on this link and make sure you sign up using my referral link. Trust me, it’s easy money and you get paid weekly.

Also check out PostMates too for delivering food and use my email ( as the referral code. You get paid daily and there is incentive when demand is high.

Some other side hustle gigs out there are SkipTheDishes, UberEATS, OrderUp, Bite Squad, Amazon Flex, Uber and Lyft. Additionally, check out these articles from Money Peach, Side Hustle Nation and The College Investor for more side hustle job ideas.