My 5 Favorite Black Female Characters on Black Sitcoms From 1990's and Early 2000's

In the last couple of years, 90's TV shows has made a very big resurgence with the masses. It feels like every time I turn on the TV I see "Martin", "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", and all the other amazing shows from the 90's airing re-runs. Those shows helped shape my and many other millennial's childhood/ young adult years. Being born in 1993, in the midst of arguably the greatest run of black television shows of all time, I missed a lot but growing up in the 2000's made sure those shows were still apart of my childhood. Shows like Family Matters, The Cosby Show, Living Single, and even Girlfriends were not only amazing black sitcoms but also arguably some the greatest sitcoms period. With amazing shows like these also came amazing actors, and even more amazing and beautiful actresses. With amazing actresses also came life long TV crushes that I will never break. Some of these TV crushes helped me build the scope of what I wanted in a women. Yeah, I know it was all acting and I know these are well paid actresses playing my TV crushes but I wouldn't believe any guy who told me they wouldn't date some of these amazing black female characters in some of those 90's TV shows. So just thinking about how lit the women were not only the actors but the characters themselves; I created a list of my favorite 5 black female characters on black TV shows from the 90's and early 2000's. These 5 women really made the TV shows they were on even more enjoyable. Not only with their captivating beauty but also the characters they played were characterized as intelligent, independent, sexy, and WCW's for life! Check out the list below!   

1.) Fancy from The Jamie Foxx Show


This show was amazing, not only because Jamie Foxx was extremely talented when it came to singing and acting, but his supporting cast also helped this show go far. Especially the lovely leading lady Garcelle Beauvais aka Francesca "Fancy" Monroe (also known as the love of my life at the young age of 13). If you have never watched the Jamie Foxx Show then let me break it down for you. Fancy was Jamie King's ( Jamie Foxx) dream girl. The show is centered around the chase and love affair of the two. Like any love story, we have the chase, the catch, the fumble, the pick up and the touchdown which included the best ending to a show in my opinion (when Jamie sang that song to her at the wedding, it brought tears to my 13 year old wanna-be gangsta eyes). Fancy was all that and more. Beautiful, intelligent, funny, and she wore all those super short skirts to work ( which I did not appreciate until i got older * insert devilish grin*). Fancy also provided a lot of comic relief! Her wittiness to go tit for tat with Jamie in some scenes was definitely unmatched. Her and Jaime were more than enough to keep you laughing through out the 22 or so minutes they were on air.  All in all, episode by episode my crush grew bigger and bigger for Fancy and over the years, the show became one of my favorite shows. Every time I watch the Jamie Foxx Show I can only sigh as Fancy was one of my favorite female characters during my childhood. Below is one of Fancy's and Jamie's best on screen interactions!


2.) Gina Payne from Martin

What would my list be without Gina from Martin!? This list would have no meaning, I would be a disgrace to the black community! Gina ( played by the amazing Tisha Campbell) was the funny, down to earth successful girlfriend every man wanted at some point if they ever watched Martin. Though her head was over sized, her character embodies what a strong black women should be; a women about her business that loved to have fun and loved her man. The show premise was all about the dynamic of her and Martin's relationship and of course we can't forget about arguably the best supporting cast to ever hit TV in Cole, Pam and Tommy ( RIP Tommy Mann). Gina was, to me, the women of a black man's dreams. Though some of her antics were crazy, the fun loving, sexy first lady of Martin had my heart from the beginning. I truly believe half of this this show's success was because of Gina's character. Gina will always and forever be a TV WCW. 


3.) Regina Greer from The Steve Harvey Show

Miss Regina "Piggy" Greer, or Principle Greer was Steve Hightower's (Steve Harvey) boss and ongoing love affair throughout the 6 seasons the Steve Harvey Show was on the air. Wendy Raquel Robinson ( the actress behind Regina Greer) played a very professional principle that was a independent and hardworking women who also enjoyed having a good time. Steve Hightower was just as smooth as Steve Harvey in real life. Though going through different phases of his love life with different women, Regina was the one he couldn't shake as they have known each other since high school. Regina was a professional black women on the rise. She carried herself gracefully and with actors like Steve and Cedric the Entertainer in the lime light, she still made her character demand the on screen respect and the well deserved laughs. Regina, like many black women today, held it down as she was a classy, professional, and hard working from 9 to 5 but sexy, caring, funny and kept it real from 5 to 9! She was my first and last principle crush and will always be one of my TV WCW.

4.) Myra Monkhouse from Family Matters

Myra Monkhouse was introduced to Family Matters in season 4 as a love interest for Steve Urkel as things with him and Laura were not coming into to play just yet. Myra was a very intelligent and  beautiful girl that definitely loved a little to hard. She fell in love with Steve after their first date and never let go. In my young pre-teen mind, who didn't want Myra as a girlfriend. She was really pretty ( prettier than Laura in my opinion), really smart, and she was down for her man as you can see in the video below! Though she ended up being to aggressive which actually scared Steve away, and then went on to stalk him. Her beauty was a more than enough to cancel out the craziness in my opinion! Crazy women excite me, what can I say! She definitely had the WCW tag hanging below her picture from me!

5. )  Maya Wilkes from Girlfriends

mya 2.jpg

The show "Girlfriends" might have been the last really good "all black cast" show on TV. Airing in the middle of the year 2000 ( it missed the 90's by 9 months) it was birthed from the 90's sitcom era and definitely should be mentioned when it comes to talking about the best of the 1990's and early 2000's black TV shows. Maya Wilkens, played by Golden Brooks, was one of the 4 women the show was centered around. The show premise was about 4 best friends ( 5 if you count the guy William) that are in different professions and walks of life that deal with the every day stresses of work, men, and life in general. Maya was best known as the hood/ "catch these hands if you want to " friend. She was super outspoken and being from Compton, California, her life wasn't all roses and sunshine like the 3 other women. Watching re-runs of Girlfriends now, Maya was by far my favorite character on the show because she was super funny and didn't care what people thought about her. She was very beautifully, as were the other 3 women, but her "realness" and hood tendencies is what I liked the most. Add in the non stop grind Maya was on to not only provide for her son, but to also attain her goal as becoming a published author and that formula is sure to get you that WCW tag. Maya definitely added value to the 8 seasons Girlfriends was on air and to my heart with her funny antics and personality.  

These characters were all that and more for me. Watching them on TV back then was something I looked forward to everyday! Now I know my list may differ from yours as I wasn't a big fan of " A Different World", did not really watch " Hanging with Mr. Cooper" and I also didn't want to go to far into the 2000's. So if your favorite characters differ from mine, then comment your top five from the 1990's and 2000's era and lets talk!