BLM and Wayne

Social issues regarding the value of Black lives have been at the forefront of every major news outlet for the better part of 2016. From the protest of the national anthem by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, to the proclamation of the “Black Lives Matter” movement at rallies across the country protesting unarmed Black men murdered by local law enforcement, we’ve seen many people of importance speak out on their feelings of the issue of Black lives mattering, racial inequality, police brutality, and other related topics. Calling it a hot-button issue would be putting it lightly, and everybody’s had an opinion; it’s been the topic of every barbershop, group chat, and interview for the last few months. We’ve heard our President speak on it in a townhall meeting on ESPN, countless articles and interviews with celebrities and musicians; hell, even my hating-ass grandma chimed in on it, and she ain’t been woke in years.

Then there’s this nigga, Lil Wayne. Let it be known that The Talented 6 acknowledges Wayne’s accomplishments as one of our generations most talented and accomplished rap artists. Simply put, Wayne is a rap living legend. When I was in high school, Wayne was one of the mainstays in my CD player/iPod (damn, I just dated myself something serious.) His mixtape run from 2006-2009 was legendary, and music hasn’t been the same since. Classic projects like Carter 1 and 2, Dedication 1 and 2, Drought 3, and No Ceilings have solidified Wayne’s place among music’s greats.

Now that we got that shit out the way, let’s talk about what this alien head-ass nigga let dribble out of his mouth recently.

He was interviewed by Linsey Davis of Nightline this past Tuesday, you can peep the entire interview here. During one segment of the interview, Davis asked Wayne about comments he made on Skip Bayless’ show Undisputed on FS1, regarding  his views on racism, saying racism doesn’t exist. When I heard that racism is nonexistent to Wayne because there are White people at his shows, I got the instant Steve Harvey face:

Another segment of the Nightline interview shows Davis asking Wayne about his thoughts on the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Wayne asked Davis what that was and what she meant by the question. When she clarified her question, Wayne went off on a nearly incoherent tangent about BLM “sounding weird,” and that he didn’t feel connected to “a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.” He then pulled a red bandana from his back pocket (presumably the right, cuz that’s where the Bloods gang members put it for safekeeping) and said, “I’m connected to this motherfucker.” These comments caused me to make another Steve Harvey face.

So I went to The Talented 6 group chat, affectionately entitled “Views From The 6,” and put the link to the interview in the chat, asking Benjamin (who has Wayne on his #NoSlanderList) to defend these statements. You can see the screenshots of our chat below.

To clarify our stances for viewers, Benjamin and Gabe defending Wayne’s comments, saying that they could understand why he felt that way, seeing as how Wayne has been rich and famous since the age of 12 when he signed his initial deal with Cash Money Records in 1998. Ryan’s stance, Wayne's comments were a poor excuse not to support or relate to the BLM movement, especially since he can relate to the black community about everything else in his music. Ron’s point was that despite Wayne’s elevated financial and social status, he should still have some sort of empathetic feeling over seeing other black men murdered by local law enforcement. My point was the he was empathetic to displaced, impoverished New Orleans residents during the aftermath of Katrina because that was his hometown, and how that empathy should be extended to others in the struggle now losing loved ones due to police brutality. Al’s point (late pass granted) was that Wayne wasn’t obligated to understand or participate in anyone else’s struggle that isn’t suffered by him.

We want your opinions on this issue as well, so feel free to comment in the box below let us know your thoughts.