Views from the 6: Thanksgiving Chronicles

4 members of the Talented 6 tackle 6 questions about Thanksgiving! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

1. What is on your ideal Thanksgiving plate?

Ron - My Thanksgiving plate. Start with turkey (fried of course, that dry turkey out the oven…miss me with that), mom’s macaroni and cheese (top 5 dead or alive), mashed potatoes, stuffing, ribs (I know…it’s a family tradition though don’t judge us), cranberry sauce, and buttered rolls. Fire…straight fire.

Gabe - The ideal plate is something you try to achieve every Thanksgiving. Turkey is a must have, mac and cheese for sure, greens and yes the juice is touching everything. Yams, I just became a fan of these delicious eats a few years back. Dirty rice, the spicier the better. Corn bread to round it off and really fill me up.  

Ben - First we start with the sides! I need my momma’s baked mac and cheese on my plate first. No “ifs”. “ands” or “buts” about it. Then I head over to the stuffing, I need a nice portion of a that as well. Then I grab some greens ( with some green's juice dripping but not to much) and throw a piece of cornbread on top of the greens that will be crumbled on the greens when I get to the table. Throw some dirty rice in between the mac and the greens. Not a lot of dirty rice as this will be the go-to food on my second plate. Then I go hit the yams up. Not a lot for the first plate but i need something sweet for that plate. Then I go to the meats! I lay some turkey and ham over the top of the sides. Depending on how I feel, I may grab an extra plate with a piece of pie and make my way to the table! I Usually just drink water when I am dealing with food this delicious! 

Al - I’m a picky eater…So typically, I would have a pile of Honey Baked Ham (WITH THE FAT) drenched in all of the juices with a side of mac n cheese and hella dinner rolls and maybe some greens. 

2. Who is the hardest family member to deal with at Thanksgiving dinner?

Ron - Man the hardest family member to deal with is a nosey family member…just stay up out my business. We don’t need to do a detailed walkthrough explaining my Instagram posts, we don’t need a dissertation explaining any of my tweets. Let’s just enjoy this meal, watch this football and chill.

Gabe - It's probably me to be honest. When I get a few ( like 7) drinks in me I start talking and asking questions about anything

Ben - The hardest family member to deal with with at dinner is my cousin Marv and my brother Gabe ( yes, the guy above). They get jokes off anywhere with no care for your feelings! So I try not to laugh too hard when they roasting each other or other people in my family while we eat. Because if your laughing to hard, you may hear Gabe and/or Marv say those 8 "life ending" words, “ Hol up Ben! I know you ain't laughing!” When I hear that, I know it's all down hill from there.

Al - Everyone in my family is cool during dinner time. We don’t have the “traditional seat down and eat at the table” Thanksgiving dinner. Usually, me and my cousins sit on the couch and watch football with a styrofoam plate full of food.

3. Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie?

Ron - Sweet potato pie. Easy. No contest. Pumpkin pie is for the savages only. Miss me with that. I’m judging y’all pumpkin pie eaters so hard right now…psst….SAVAGES.

Gabe - Welp, I don't eat either. 

Ben - My late great aunt made the best sweet potato pies. I wasn’t introduced to pumpkin pie until a few years ago and I was NOT disappointed. So pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie? I'm going for both ( I'm grabbing the sweet potato pie first though)! Sweet potato pie will always be my favorite but I can't count out the pumpkin pie!

Al - What kinda question is this? Do black people even eat pumpkin pie? Lol I definitely have to go with sweet potato pie. And if that's not available, I would go with peach cobbler and some vanilla ice cream

4. What is the acceptable amount of time to eat Thanksgiving leftovers?

Ron - I grew up eating leftovers so I’m probably in the minority on this one but…I’d say up to 3 days. Now, hear me out…my mom’s cooked twice a week growing up. So hey, if you wanted to eat, you better get those leftovers so that same theory applies today. Cook a big meal, knowing there will be a lot of leftovers and eat off of them until they’re gone.

Gabe - I'm a single man in my 20's so if it's still food there two weeks after, it'll eating it.  I don't discriminate unless it's a color it's not supposed to be. 

Ben - I would say a little more than a week. Growing up, when my mom cooked big meals like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. she was retired from cooking for about a week or so. So we either had to eat thanksgiving food or just find something else to eat. But she definitely wasn’t cooking again within the week and I don’t blame her. Why slave over a meal all day for people too only eat it for 2 to 3 days. NAW! I'm more of a 8 to 10 day guy. Some may get tired of thanksgiving food, but I am definitely NOT getting tired of my momma's baked mac and cheese. Naw!

Al - 2-3 days is acceptable

5. Black Friday vs. Thanksgiving night shopping? Which do you prefer and what is on your shopping list?

Ron - Not doing any shopping. Got a wedding to pay for.

Gabe - Ever since I was a kid Black Friday was the thing that moms looked forward to after she was done making the food. She made all the kids clean up so she could get that sleep in and be up and out by 4am. Now, they want to have "Black Friday" shopping start on Thanksgiving Day it's a travesty, can’t let the families enjoy being around each other. 

Ben - Thanksgiving night shopping is fun but I don't go to shop for anything specific. I love to people watch. If the opportunity presents its self, I will cop something that night, but I go out that thanksgiving night to people watch and then I do my real black Friday shopping on Friday and Monday ( cyber Monday). 

Al - Good question. I would say Thanksgiving Night shopping. I rather get it out the way and have Friday to myself to recover. And the only thing on my list is a FREE WEDDING!!! So if there is anyone out there trying to foot the bill for our wedding please let me know lol

6. Who makes a better plate, your mom or your significant other?

Ron - Woah....gotta be your significant other. This a weird question…I’m a momma’s boy and all but which one of y’all in The Talented 6 have your mom’s making your plate?? In my mind, plate making is an intimate thing, your girl makes your plate out of love, kinda like a service thing. So to replace my girl (who has made many plates for me and is the ideal person to fill that role) with my mom’s….yeah that’s weird. We need to have group meeting about this one fellas.

Gabe - Moms till I Die!!!!! 

Ben -  Ma Dukes been making plates for me since 1993! She obviously knows what I need on my plate. I am also a picky about my food and Ma Dukes knows that. But now that I am grown, my mom always jokes about me making my own plates ( she really don't be joking but I laugh anyways) so my girl got me now! But to answer the question, as of late my girl been coming through with the plates. I'm thankful!

Al - What's up with this question? Lol You trying to get my jammed up? haha But I would have to say my significant other. She throws down in the kitchen. 

Ron Simpson

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