Insecure Season 1: Who You Wit? #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence?

Well, it’s been almost 3 weeks since the season finale of Insecure and people are STILL talking about it. The last episode has sparked a lot of uproar on social media, in the blogosphere, and dividing households all over the world.  

The fire is still lit in my home with my fiancé (Felice), so we decided to do a like battle. Who’s it going to be? #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence?

1. #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence?

Felice: The obvious and only choice…#TeamIssa, and not just because I am a woman. You’ll find out why.

Al: Um who you think??? #TeamLawrence all day.

2. Who caused the relationship to fail?

Felice: Both played a role in the demise of the relationship. From the looks of the flashbacks on show, it appeared as though things started out really good and looked promising. After time went on, things changed, Lawrence lost his job, and he seemed to have lost his drive to pursue his passion. Anytime he talked to a friend it was, “I'm working on blah blah blah” but the reality is that he got comfortable. Unemployment checks were coming, he had his girl, and was working on his dream (allegedly). You would think he would at least have enough time on his hands to remember her birthday, but sadly NOT. Here lies Issa's role in the blame. The moment that her feelings started to change, she should have either had the courage to address her concerns directly with him (she kind of did but out of frustration) or she should have just broke it off, rather than cheat.

Al: I think both of them are responsible. But Issa is more at fault than Lawrence. Time after time, he showed her what he was capable of and she STILL stuck around. She allowed him to get too comfortable and Lawrence took full advantage of that. A man will do any and everything that a woman will allow him to do. So women put your foot down and leave guys like Lawrence and stop being the “Build-A-Man” MVP.

3. Why do you think so many women are against Lawrence?

Felice: I do not think that women are against Lawrence. We more so feel ZERO pity for him, outside of having been cheated on (no one deserves that). Lawrence was pretty much portrayed as a free-loading pathetic boyfriend for the majority of the season. We can all get behind a man with a dream but not a man without a plan. When you have a dream and a passion, you pursue it with every fiber of your existence. It’s what you crave in the morning and why you can’t sleep at night, so you stay up and grind. If that’s not your M.O., you get a job like the rest of society until you figure out life. Lawrence only decided to get his stuff together when Issa expressed that she was tired of the same ish! Why did it take Issa being fed up for him to finally decide to get it together? I mean, dang! There are woman who would have stayed around with him, jobless and all, if he still made them feel like a queen and broke them off like her did bank teller chick. Lawrence was extra blah. A model example of mediocracy and settle bae. Who wants that? We don’t want that for Issa! NEXT!

Al: Because they see themselves in Issa and sympathizes with her. But like Issa and most women out there put themselves in these situations and they are the ONLY one to blame. That may come off a little harsh, but WOMEN, you have the POWER…if you know what I saying.

4. Why do you think most guys STAN so hard for Lawrence?

Felice: It baffles me, especially men who work so hard to accomplish their dreams and get the girl. I think it is more complex than it seems. There are men who know what it’s like to be cheated on and relate to Lawrence. Then there are those men, who like Lawrence, aren’t doing much but existing and want to see someone like them win. What do I say to those men? Go out there and get it! Don’t be afraid to fail, fall flat on your face, or be told your dreams don’t matter. And if you’re complacent and happy, more power to you, but leave the Issas of the world alone!

Al: Because we are tired of getting blamed for women that put themselves in these predicaments. Most men are savages and don’t care about anyone feelings but their own.

5. What did you learn from the first season of Insecure?

Felice: There’s a difference between a nice guy and a good guy (a whole different topic)!

Also, men get a dose of their own medicine and don’t like how it tastes. They’ll be fine with a man cheating and being forgiven by his woman, but laugh at Issa’s mistake and deem her unworthy of Lawrence. Double standard much? And for the men who say MOB, the gag is, you’d all be broke by Lawrence’s standards! CHECKMATE!

Al: Nothing….it was a great show. #LawrenceHive

6. What are your Season 2 predictions?

Felice: How I want it to be? Issa get over the break up, realize she deserves more and focuses on bettering herself, so that she can have the greatest comeback of all times! What I think will actually happen? Issa will spend the season trying to get back with Lawrence and the “itch dude” will resurface in some capacity (there’s unfinished business there). Issa and Molly still have issues to work through but my hope is that they can lay it all out on the table and rebuild their friendship because…well…we all we got!

Al:  For Season 2, I think Issa and Lawrence will try to make one last effort to fix their relationship. Lawrence will finally get his life and career together and finally get his app off the ground.  He will be everything that Issa ever wanted him to be. BUT, since my mans will have the JUICE and the SAUCE in Season 2, he will chuck the deuces to Issa, end up smashing Molly to get revenge and then eventually get in a serious relationship with Banker Bae.


Season 2 can’t come soon enough! What say you the people? Who you wit???