Your Favorite Rappers as NBA Players

Jay-Z is MJ

Jay-Z is MJ or more simply the GOAT of rap. Like MJ, there were all-time greats before Jay-Z, i.e. Biggie and Pac, Magic and Bird. Rakim = DR. J. Run DMC equals the great Celtic teams but none of them saw MJ’s or Jay-Z’s impact coming, forever changing the game because of their amazing skill and star power but making an even more lasting impact for activities off the court. Jay-Z and MJ business skill and continually being ranked on the Forbes list in their respective fields have cemented them as timeless icons.

Lil Wayne is Kobe

Both Young Phenoms, racking up the wins early on in their careers. Kobe straight out of high school completing a three peat before 24 years old. Wayne straight out of pre-school achieving platinum singles and albums with the Hot Boys before 16. They then went on to flex skill and talent during a time of less recognition and acknowledgement. Kobe 04-07 with the Lakers barely making the playoffs but in the same time we saw Kobe average 35 for a season and score a second all-time high 81 points in a game trumping accomplishments his mentors and contemporaries could not achieve. Wayne made the transition from young kid rapper to a force as real rapper with the first Carter and Dedication when he began chanting “the best rapper alive since the best rapper retired”. The later year runs in each of their careers solidified them as all-time greats. Kobe proved he could win without Shaq and closed his career with a 60 point game. Wayne lit the world on fire with The Carter run and influenced a new generation forever with the greatest run in Mixtape history.

Drake is LeBron

Both rep their hometown like no others. Both originals, sort of I guess... Like Drake, Bron is adaptable and does most things on the court well and/or approaching close to perfect. In the same way Drake can adapt to any style or tempo of music. Their greatness is measured by this quality and the amount of remarkable consistency each as shown over a 7 to 10 year. Also, both have shown to be very calculated with career moves and business competition, Drake with handling the Meek beef and who he collabs with, and Bron with his move to South Beach and building his own team to handle his business endeavors. And last, each is poised or already has passed many of the statistically achievements the greats before them set.

Kendrick is Russell

This is an easy comp simply because of the aggression and fierce competitor they are, both hailing from the LA area each burn self-confidence with every bar spit and basket made.


J.Cole is KD

Both briefly have held the crown as the number one guy in the game but still have more to prove. J.Cole is as lethal with his pen as KD is with his Jump shot and both give us a feeling that the best is yet to come. KD just moving over to the Warriors, we know for sure a great final performance is in his near future. And Cole shedding the feeling or notion he has more to prove can finally be the voice he wants to be, and to top it off his production is getting better and better.