Recap - The Talented 6 Discusses BLM and Social Justice

The Talented 6 had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the Crossroads Youth Program at First Community Church in Hilliard, OH on November 27th. Still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner, Alfred, Ron, Ryan, Gabe and myself spoke to over 60+ kids about what the Black Lives Matter movement stands for and how social justice issues affects all communities where injustice is prevalent. We had an awesome engaging with the kids, who ranged from 6th grade through 12th grade, and even a few college students and adults. Our presentation and conversation was a part of their "Social Justice" series, where the kids were learning and sharing their thoughts on how social justice issues such as race and preference affected their lives and faith. Here's a few of the points that we touched on:

-The Black Lives Matters movement is not a declaration of war on anyone who isn't Black, it's a proclamation that, despite the numerous killings of unarmed Black people by the police, our lives matter just like everyone else's in these communities.

-Race is a fallacy, constructed by man to separate and divide us, giving the dominant majority a reason to discriminate against the minority. Jesus taught us to "love thy neighbor," he didn't specify what color, class, preference or background they had to be.

-Just because these issues may not play themselves out on your doorstep, does not mean you cannot speak up against injustice. We need more majority allies speaking up and denouncing these acts of police brutality and racial intolerance, because their effect on the community is widespread.

A big thanks to Kendall Glasser, the program director for the youth at First Community Church. We sincerely appreciated the invite, and can't wait to come back.

Check out what Kendall and one of her kids had to say about our visit, and a few pictures and video below:

"The Youth Program at First Community Church hosted the great men of The Talented 6 to facilitate discussions with 60+ kids (grades 6-12) on social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement.  The hour and half spent with them was engaging and inspiring as well as far too short.  The kids loved it so much they wish they could have spent more time with them!  It was one of our more impactful sessions, bringing us together even more as a community along with a wonderful new partnership with The Talented 6.  We thank you!"- Kendall Glasser, Youth Program Coordinator at First Community Church

 “I loved the discussion my class had with the Talented 6. We didn't just talk about social injustice but we discussed the many ways we can be a "Good Samaritan" by accepting, loving and supporting others throughout our daily lives.”- Kate Gomez, High School Junior Member of the Crossroads Youth Program