BURRRR! Any 80’s or 90’s babies that listened to rap/hip hop in the early 2000’s know that adlib. Gucci Mane aka Mr. “So Icy”. Gucci is and will always be remembered as an anchor in the rap game. He has countless club hits and street classics that may not get recognition on the billboard top 100, but are songs we will never forget. Any real fan of rap/ hip hop during the early 2000’s will tell you Gucci has countless mixtapes and probably could rap a chorus and/or verse by heart (I take my shirt off every time Gucci’s song “my shirt off” is played, don’t judge me). Gucci Mane also was one of the realist rappers out. He really lived his raps unlike a lot of rappers who pick up the mic. With that being said, you could only imagine the trouble that followed one of the realist rappers out of east Atlanta.

As Gucci’s success in the music industry increased, his legal issues followed the same trend. He has been arrested many times, but his longest sentence of incarceration was his most important. Gucci mane was arrested in September of 2013 and was held at a federal penitentiary in Indiana for federal drug and gun charges. Gucci was released from prison on May 26th 2016, once released, Gucci Mane 2.0 was introduced to the world. Within the first 24 hours he released a song that shook the summer entitled “First Day Out the Feds”. Not only was the Gucci Mane we loved and adored back, a new Gucci arose from the ashes. Gucci Mane didn’t let a negative situation like jail affect is life in a negative way. He used jail as a way to become a better person. While incarnated Gucci began reading more books, working out, and rehabbing his drug addiction. Different self-help books and even the Bible were used as tools to guide himself to a new Gucci. Looking at jail not as a punishment but as an opportunity to be better is why Gucci is an inspiration to a young black man like myself. The greatest change Gucci Mane went through while incarcerated was him admitting he was a drug addict. Being in the rap game, drugs are recreationally used and praised most of the time. Gucci Mane admitting he was a drug addict and wanting to change is a major step from the old to the new Gucci. Though it took him until he was locked up, Gucci realized he had the power to change his life for the better. Once released, he was healthy, drug free and ready to make music as he released a full length album 1 month after his release

Gucci Mane should be a testament to young African American men everywhere. He is living proof that there is always light while going through trials and tribulations if actively sought out. Gucci could have let his negative situation weigh him down, causing him to not want to be a better him. He would have been just another overweight African American inmate with a drug addiction. Gucci just released a strong album that earned him his first No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop album chart according to, is working on a clothing line, and is still grinding to not only release good music but to continue to be a better man. Gucci Mane understood that to change his situation he first had to change himself and his outlook on life. Gucci Mane’s story should help young men realize that with positivity and hard work, any negative situation can be used to strengthen the ability to change that situation for the better. Whether it’s a personal or professional issue, a positive outlook is key.