From Sliding into her DMs to The Proposal & Beyond

It's Friday, August 26, 2016...about a week away from me proposing to Felice.

Emotions are at an all-time high. I’m nervous…I’m anxious…I’m stressed out about the proposal….I’m excited for the future. I just picked up the ring from the jeweler. Now I have to find a spot to hide this damn ring and act “normal” for the next week. 

Get your tissue ready…It’s about to get REAL mushy.

Our love story isn’t the conventional love story, but it’s OUR story.

As I reflect back on our journey, thus far, it has been a great one. I’ve only known Felice for a year and a few months and it’s amazing to me how I fell in love with someone in such little time.

It all began, when we “met” each other on January 17, 2015 at a mutual friend’s kick back. This was my first time at the kick back and it was her first time there as well. Throughout the night, we made eye contact with each other and even got in a little debate about “nice guys” and how she didn’t prefer to date them. Crazy? Right?      

If she only knew at the time that this “nice guy” will be her future husband.  Haha

The kick back was cool…everyone was talking, drinking, and having a good ole time. Before the night ended, I wanted to introduce myself to her, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so.

So the next day, I made it a point to figure out “who this chick” was. I found Felice’s account on Instagram. I stalked her IG and we went back and forth liking each other’s picture for a few days.

Eventually, I got enough courage to DM her on IG and sent her this message:

“Hey my name is al. how are you. I didn’t get a change to introduce myself at Alexis kick back.”

Corny? Right? To this day, she clowns me about my IG message.

After messaging each other on IG, we exchanged numbers. The first time we spoke on the phone it is like she was my long lost BFF. We were on the phone for about 4 hours, talking about all kinds of things. I remember thinking to myself, “Damn she talks a lot.” But it was really impressive and made me interested in getting to know her more.

A few days later, we had our first “meet up” at Bar Louie in Easton. To be honest, I was nervous as heck, but anxious and excited to meet Felice and get to know her. We talked, we laughed, and she even clowned me about the cheese and bacon chicken tacos that I ordered.

We eventually had our first date at this Wine and Canvas shindig. I actually used a Groupon for it. If you know me, I’m always trying to catch a good deal and Felice was all for using it for the date. SUPER EXTRA COOL POINTS IN MY BOOK!!!

Ever since that first date, we have really gotten to know each other…all the GOOD and the BAD. We have loved each other unconditionally. We have argued and debated about all kinds of things. We have laughed and clowned each other. We have cried. We have made a commitment to continue to learn each other and experience life together. 

Before Felice, I had a very superficial and unrealistic outlook on love and finding the “ONE.” I was that guy who had a “particular type” and didn’t know what real love was.

By being with Felice, my life has changed for the better and she has shown me another way. My outlook on love is different. My outlook on life has changed. Even the food that I eat is different now. No more pizza and chicken flavored ramen noodles. Now I eat brussel sprouts, beets, zucchini noodles, squash, and bacon wrapped dates. If you know Felice, we all know that she is a foodie and truly enjoys cooking, so I guess I didn’t have a choice.

It an amazing feeling to know that I’ve met someone like Felice. We both want the same things out of life and share the same thoughts and beliefs on various things. Her vibrant personality, beauty, intelligence, determination, and sense of humor will always brighten up my day. I look forward to what the future has in store for us.

I love you Felice!!! – Your Fiancé aka Alfy