Do's and Don'ts to Online Dating

In today's world, everyone wants everything right at their fingertips, so why shouldn't dating be the same way? There are all these new ways to find the perfect match on dating apps such as Tinder, Soulswipe, Plenty of Fish and many others. Here are my 7 do's and don'ts when it comes to this new wave of dating. 

1. First things first!  Please stop with the cheesy pick up lines and actually put some effort into what you're going to say. First impression, even though it's online, does mean something. Try to say more than "Hey" or "How are you". If there is a bio, read it and maybe ask about that. Or tell them something about yourself that may spark conversation.

2. Now if you're just swiping right on everyone, you might have some matches that you really don't want to ever meet. But, for those few you do actually want to meet up with, make sure to make the conservative meaningful. Give more than one word responses, and most definitely be interested in what they have to say. Now if both parties are going back and forth for a couple of days, then it's socially acceptable to ask for the number. BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ASK FOR THE NUMBER WITHIN THE FIRST THREE THREADS!!!!!  Most people get scared off wondering why you want there number and they don't even know if they like cyber you yet.

3. Now here is a BIG DON'T. After a few messages don't jump to let's meet up or can I come over? Huge red flag here, that's definitely alarm for creep status. Keep it simple stupid. If you see they're responding don't scare them off talking about, "hey I'm at home bored wanna come over?" That will definitely get you screenshot and talked about in the group chat. 

4. Now, after all the messages and texting, you finally make it to where you meet up with the person. In my experience I like to keep the first meet very casual. Someplace public but quiet enough to talk. Now this is very important!  Keep it under budget, this isn't someone you met out or at a party. You don't even know if this will go past the first date. So don't break the bank. 

5. Always be yourself. Be the person in your bio. The more genuine you are, the more comfortable the other person will be. 

6. During the first date, use that time for really getting below the surface. Ask questions that you wouldn't in a text. About things the other person is interested in. What they do for a living, what type of music they like or anything you would want to know to help you decide on if you would want a second date. 

7. Last but not least. Whatever you do, don't push to hard! You may see future dates after this one. Be a gentleman fellas. Open doors, pull out chairs, compliment in a classy manner. When you walk her to the door, you'll know if she wants a kiss goodnight. Do not be that guy who just throws his mouth all over the place, lips flailing everywhere. BE RESPECTFUL! And don't try and get the bunz the first night out. I mean have some respect for yourself. Can't be giving it out for free fellas. Make her work like you're about to work to let her know you better than these other guys out here.