What's Wrong with Our Community

For every person that says Black Lives Matter we all know another person that says what about “Black on Black crime”, why not cry Black Live Matters then? Depending on the person’s race they will get one of these responses from me. If the person posing the question is not black I say, “okay obviously black lives matters then as well, but right now we’re talking about the people that are paid to protect and serve preying or being frightened into killing me”.  Black on black crime is just as much an issue as White on White or Hispanic on Hispanic, people kill based on proximity or whoever they’re living around.

If the person posing the question is black they’ll get this answer, “You’re absolutely correct, we should be just as concerned when those crimes happen, but the endangerment of the black life/community is more complex than just black on black crime”. It's a two sided problem.

On one side you have the issue of the black community and its suffering state. This was clearly evident to me this week when the state of Ohio released their school district ratings, http://www.cleveland.com/datacentral/index.ssf/2016/09/a_gpa_for_every_school_distric.html. And the results were simple, wherever the black people lived as the majority… the schools failed point blank period.

The other side of the problem is how society treats us as second class citizens. In my opinion, closely bordering to an animal, shit even a dog’s life gets more respect than a black man’s, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3760185/Ohio-man-23-shot-dead-K-9-police-dog-pleads-guilty-sentenced-45-years-prison.html. This side of the issue has revealed its self some with the recent spree of police shootings that have been exposed in the media. I say exposed because statistics show these shootings have always happened and are actually decreasing, which is where some people root their argument that we should relax because crime along with the police shootings have decreased over the last 25 years. But ya know its levels to “Fucked up” and these recent events are still Major Level Fucked Up.

The "Two Sided Problem" requires attention and support on both fronts. On one side we have to build the community, put strong emphasis on education, awareness, history and supporting black business. Respect ourselves before we begin to get the respect from the outside/society, but we don't have the luxury or time to work on one problem at a time. So on the other side we have to demand our basic civil rights be respected in action not just on paper. It may mean having our influential celebrities and athletes leveraging their platforms, i.e. Colin “My Nigga” Kaepernick, to garner attention or increase awareness across the masses.

Our grandparents really fought for these civil rights with leaders like Dr. King and Malcolm. And, our parents began the wealth climb their parents dreamed for them. Somewhere along the road of progress the government severely hurt us with the war on drugs and mass incarceration. Ultimately, beginning to tear and rip away at any community’s foundation, a strong upbringing and family. Our generation has to continue to pick up the fight our grandparents started while still fulfilling the dream of our parents' wealth climb, pouring into the community and pushing back a little harder.