The Top 10 Rap Albums of 2016 So Far

This list is comprised of 10 rap albums that were better than the rest. As the month of September begins, there has been many amazing albums released. This list is my opinion of what was the best 10. I have listened to all of these albums from start to finish multiply times and as a lover of rap music, I love making list like this. Please feel free to comment and share your top 10 list in the comment section.

10. SremmLife 2 - Rae Sremmurd (August 12th 2016)

Party music to the fullest. This energy packed album will get you out your seat and onto the dance floor ( whether that dance floor is in your car or at the club). Though the album misses key components of a true great album ( lyrical strength, meaning, etc) the new wave of party music is here and it started with Sremmlife 1 and now Sremmlife 2 has just confirmed that Rae Sremmurd is here to stay! They recruited Gucci Mane for a feature on the best song of the album, "Black Beetle". If GUWOP rocking with these party animals, then I'm down!

Highlights: Black Beetle, Look Alive, Real Chill

9. Everybody Looking - Gucci Mane (July 22nd 2016)

Gucci mane released his first album in 3 years due to his incarceration. "Everybody Looking" was released one month after he was released from jail. The album is what we have known and loved about Gucci over the years. With high energy and fun sounding production from Zaytoven, hard hitting beats from Mike Will Made It, mix that all up with Gucci Mane's trap lyrics, throw in a Kanye West, Drake, and Young Thug feature and you have yourself a pretty dope album. Gucci doesn't disappoint with this project while not compromising or changing who is on this project. Gucci is and will always be a "SCREET LEGEND" *Gucci Mane Voice*

Highlights: Back on Road, Pu**y Print, Way Back

8. Evol - Future ( February 6th 2016) 

 Future surprised us with a new project earlier this year. I thought it was exceptionally good with only 1 feature ( The Weeknd) and an Apple Music exclusive. The hard beats with future's hypnotizing savage lyrics gives this album the stamp from me. Though it is no different then the Future we get on any other project, we love him for that exact reason. Even though the range of songs on the album is very little ( no variety in the album's tracks), Future provides a solid album to build his portfolio of bangers. With not many rap albums out earlier this year, this definitely led the way with a February release.

Highlights: Low Life, Lil Haiti Baby, Photo Copied

7. Untitled Unmastered - Kendrick Lamar (March 4th 2016)

The vibe of this album is amazing. From track 1 through track 8, this album takes you on a roller coaster ride through these " throwaway" tracks from Kendrick. I didn't want to put this in my top 10 for the fact that it was comprised of throwaway tracks but how can I not. The album was pretty awesome and as a album full of throwaways, it's the best of its kind. Kendrick's range is usually really good so no surprise that he has hints of jazz, r&b and even rock on song 4 and 5. His lyrics and content are always on point, so no complaining there as well.

Highlights: Untitled 02, Untitled 07, Untitled 04

6. Still Brazy - YG ( June 17th 2016)

West coast Brazy! This album sounds like an old school west coast album. Listening to YG makes you want to crip walk and throw up gang signs. The west coast production on the album is sensational. With producer credits from producers like "1500 or nothing", Ty Dolla Sign, and DJ Swish ( all LA natives/ influenced) all help set the tone for the album. The Lil Wayne and Drake features really go a long way on this project. Not a big fan of YG but this sophomore album is a brilliant follow up to his freshman release " My Krazy Life"

Highlights: Bool Balm and Bollective, Y u Always Hating, Question

5. Views - Drake (April 29th 2016)

Drakes 3rd or 4th best album out of his five releases. I agree with Joe Budden, Drake doesn't seem very motivated. A lot of good tracks, but the body of work seems of poor quality ( holding Drake to his own standards). But he wasn't charting for 12 or so weeks at #1 for no reason. Good album not the best of the year as some teenage girls would argue. Classic Drake with a lot of quote-able and memorable hooks as 40 dominates the production side of things. The sample element of the production is what sets this album apart from the rest. "Views already classic" - Drake on "Hype".

Highlights: Controlla, Hype, One Dance

       4. Slime Season 3 - Young Thug (March 25th 2016)

THE 1ST TRACK ENTITLED ''WITH THEM" IS AMAZING. Might be the best Hip-Hop track of the year! Classic Thugger, nothing new from the Atlanta Rapper. SS3 ( Slime Season 3) is only 8 songs while SS2 (Slime Season 2) was 22 songs. Apple Music release for SS3, and regular mixtape release for SS2 which gives SS3 more of an album/EP feel than a mixtape. Continuous bangers from track 1 through 8. While most of the production comes from super producer "London on da Track" the slower beats that he is known for producing still adds a lot value to the album's ability to keep high energy from the beginning to end. Thugger's lyrics are better than usually as well. For whatever that is worth as well.

Highlights: With Them, Tattoos, Digits

3. The Life of Pablo - Kanye West (February 14th 2016)

The Range of the album is incredible going from slower, more meaningful songs like Ultra Light Beams to the hottest Hip-Hop song of the year used as the chorus in Father Stretch My Hands PT2 (Desiigner's "Panda"). Nothing less than what we expect from YE. Not his personal best but he has 3 classics under his belt so you can't blame him for that. Even my mom liked a track off this album, "Ultra Light Beams", and my mom strongly dislikes Kanye West! The Life of Pablo lived up to the hype.

Highlights: Waves, FSMHP1, Feedback

2. Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight - Travis Scott       (Sept 2nd 2016)

I don't have much to say much about his album except that it is a masterpiece. I thought this album was one of the best albums of the year ( I only listened to this album twice so I still need more time in the lab with it). This album is classic Travis Scott in his element and he also pulled some great features ( 3 Stacks features are not to be taken lightly). I never WANTED to skip a song listening to this album. The production alone warrants this album a top spot. 

Highlights: biebs in the trap, first take, goosebumps

1. Coloring Book - Chance The Rapper ( May 12th 2016)

The undisputed album of the year in my book. Chance has evolved from just a back rapper, to rookie of year, to one of the best rappers in the game right now. This album has a lot of good features and better songs. Knowing that chance released this independent makes it even sweeter. 

HighLights: No Problem, Summer Friends, Juke Jam

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my top 10 albums of the year so far. Whether you agree or disagree, I would love to hear some of your opinions and see your top 10 list. Comment your top 10 albums of the year so far in the comment section.