Kobe Bryant Jumps Into the World of Investing by Unveiling $100 Million Venture Capital Fund

Kobe Bryant, one of the all time greatest NBA players ever, announced that he is jumping into the world of investing. Kobe and his business partner Jeff Stibel announced on August 23rd that they have started a $100 million venture capital fund. A venture capital fund is financing investors give to start up companies and small businesses for an exchange of capital (or percentage of ownership) in the investee’s company. Investors may invest in a company that they see great growth potential in along with the potential to generate positive returns for the investor. This type of investment is high risk but has an even higher return. Kobe Bryant and his partner Jeff Stibel has been building and growing this venture capital fund since 2013. Kobe, who could probably front all the money himself with his own personal bank account (retiring with a record breaking $680 million in career earnings according to Forbes), told reporters that the 3 yeas of building this venture capital fund was so that it could stand on its own. He wanted the fund to stand and grow on its own merit and not only off his wealth. Though some money did come from the pockets of Kobe and Stibel, some also came from other key investors. Kobe Bryant, who could easily be named the greatest competitor of all time, seems motivated about investing. Kobe says, "Now, championships come and go... But if you really want to create something that lasts generations, you have to help inspire the next generation... That's when you create something forever. And that's what's most beautiful." Could you imagine going one on one with Kobe Bryant in a conference room trying to convince him to invest in your company (that would be the best Shark Tank episode ever)? I think his tenacity and will to achieve will weed out the bad investments to come his way. Kobe and Stibel have already invested in about 15 different technology, media and data companies with a focus on those in the sports and wellness fields. Kobe's new found passion will certainly help his legacy grow and his pockets increase. Who knows, Kobe's GOAT (Greatest of All Time) tag from the basketball spectrum may transfer over to the world of investing. Only time will tell. Who else do you know that would score 60 points in the last game of their NBA career and then 4 months later announce a $100 million venture capital fund. Kobe was known to never take a day of in the NBA, always trying to get better and achieve the goal of winning an NBA championship. Seems like the same passionate Kobe, just a new sport. Kobe "Bean" Bryant is securing his bag with this power move.

Sources: Kobe Bryant reveals his $100 million venture capital fund by Danielle Wiener-Bronner