Black Business Spotlight: Marlon Anthony Events

Have you attended a happy hour recently, gone out for a grown and sexy event in Columbus, or even enjoyed yourself at a day party surrounded by dope people from all over Ohio? If so, then chances are you have had the pleasure of encountering Marlon Platt, founder and owner of Marlon Anthony Events.

Marlon has been in the event planning and club promoting game for a minute. He has helped put Columbus on the map by creating dope events that caters to a wide variety of people in the city, from his young professional networking event, Amongst Friends to his panel discussion event, Ask an Entrepreneur, where the panelists shared their insight on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

So I had to chop it up with Marlon and ask him a few questions about his company and being a young black entrepreneur.

1. How did Marlon Anthony Events come about?

Marlon: I’ve always been a very social person. Started doing house parties with my roommates in college and then my fraternity needed a little help throwing parties so I took the lead on throwing one at Capital University and loved it.  Ship set sail from there.

2. What are some of Marlon Anthony Events’ signature parties/gatherings?

Marlon: Oh wow. Black Tie Social is a pretty popular one. Privilege, which is a fashion based party that we started back in like 2014. Midwest Greek Weekend, which an entire weekend of Greek events that we do over the course of Labor Day weekend.  Just to name a few.

3. What are some other services that Marlon Anthony Events offer?

Marlon: Event Consultation, Graphic Design, Vendor Referrals, Photography, and Videography.

4. What has been your most successful moment so far?

Marlon: Tough question. I would say Midwest Greek Weekend just because it’s 11 events over the course of four days and we bring people from all over the country together.

5. As a black entrepreneur, what are some challenges and benefits of having your own business?

Marlon: Challenges are maintaining a work life balance. I love what I do, but I love my family and spending time with loved ones more. Financial & Time Commitment. You risk losing time and money each and every day. Benefits are that you get to do what you love everyday that’s worth a lot in my opinion. If you're doing something you love everyday that's freedom. Did I mention money? Oh yeah. Money.

6. What advice would you have for someone that is looking to start their own business?

Marlon:  1. Figure out what you love to do (not what you think makes the most money) because you’ll hit a rough patch at some point and if you don’t love it you’ll give up.  2. Do your own research and educate yourself on your business as well as the market for it.  3. DO THAT $H*T! Don’t be afraid to try. You may fail, but you can always bounce back. You could also be highly successful, which is even better. But you won’t know either until you try.

Make sure you go check out the Marlon Anthony Events website and all of their social media accounts (see below) for more information about upcoming events. Matter fact, just head over to Eventbrite now and buy your ticket for their upcoming event, Brunch N' Beats. It's only $5.

IG: @MarlonAnthonyEvents

Twitter: @MAnthonyEvents

SNAP: @MarlonAnthonyEv