3 Things that Would Have Made Black Panther Even Better

Ok, don’t crucify me!


The “Black Panther” movie was absolutely amazing and breath taking. I loved the movie, and it will most likely be my favorite movie of 2018! So after that comment you’re probably thinking, “Then what would have made it better if it was already ‘absolutely amazing’ Ben?” Well, here’s my logic. If I had to grade the “Black Panther” movie, I would give it an A. Around a 94% to be exact. We all know a 94% is a solid A, but it’s not an A+. So below is what the Black Panther was missing to push it over the top to that A+ status.

1. It Moved to Fast


The movie rushed into the main plot really fast. It wasn’t even 24 hours after T’Challa was crowned King of Wakanda that Killmonger was at his doorstep ready to fight. I would have loved to see a backstory / flashback of T’Challa growing up along with a backstory of Killmonger (which leads to point #2). I thought there was a lot to explore there. T’Challa’s relationship with his Father vs Killmongers upbringing with no father. This is something they could have dove into even if it was just a 5 minute scene. Also, after Killmonger showed up and was talking with the king. They fought right away. They could have gave us a 4 or 5 minute scene of Killmonger in a Wakandan Jail waiting for his battle the next day with T’Challa. We could have learned a tiny bit more about him and he could have gave us insight on what was going on in America that needed Wakanda to step in (Are cops targeting black men and women in that Marvel universe too?) I’m no director, so I don’t know exactly how they could have inserted this, but it would have been beneficial to “slow down” the movie and give the viewers some more details about what was going on.

P.S. I know Black Panther is a Marvel movie so of course I know they could only go so deep. The cop comment is just an example.

2. Killmonger was Not Given His Proper Due


Killmonger was such an amazing villain because if you think about it, was he really a villain? Though he may have went about it wrong; he was trying to help oppressed people all around the world. Who could hate on that. Especially if one of those Wakandan Sonic Blasters would be coming your way because you’re apart of that oppressed group of people ( I’m talking about us! Yes, you reading this!), but they should have showed us how Killmonger became Killmonger. I would have loved to see how his obsession with Wakanda festered and grew as each day passed without his father, in a land who oppressed people of African descent. People that looked like him. They should have at least showed a flashback to Killmonger’s teenage years showing us what triggered him to want to help all other people of African descent on the planet.

3. T’Challa’s Love Story Left Unexplained


At the beginning of the movie, T’Challa went to save his Ex-Girlfriend Nakia (played by the beautiful chocolate goddess Lupita Nyong’o). We knew something was up when T’Challa “froze” when he saw her, almost getting an innocent hostage killed before Okoye ( played by the beautiful Danai Gurira) saved the day. It wasn’t confirmed they had a history until T’Challa’s little sister Shuri ( played by the amazing Letitia Wright) asked about his decision to take his ex on a mission. So why did they break up? Was their relationship serious? Did he G.T.D.  ( I’m joking...... but did he?)


They gave us very little detail on their relationship. One could infer that it was serious by the way they interacted with each other in some scenes, but I would have loved to see more details about their history together as a couple.

Again, don’t crucify me! I loved the movie and it’s actually one of my favorites right now, but I thought the things above could have made it even better. The movie was still an amazing movie and I loved every second of it! Ryan Coogler did an amazing job! As well as all the amazing actors and actresses! 

WAKANDA OUT! *Crosses Arms*