5 Things You Absolutely Should Bring to "Black Panther" This Weekend

At last, we are finally here ladies and gentlemen. #BlackPantherWeek is upon us. We are literally days away until one of the most anticipated movies of all time "Black Panther" is released, and I'm more than excited. The movie trailers have exceeded all of my expectations from every angle so I know this movie will be amazing, but I’m more excited about the way this movie has all of US in a frenzy. I have not seen black twitter in this much of a positive frenzy since Obama was elected (and black twitter wasn't popping back then like it is now). All the tweets, post and memes about NO BOOTLEGGING the movie, the hashtag #WhatDoesBlackPantherMeanToMe, and all the "How we pulling up to Black Panther" pictures are really dope.

Yes, they are just tweets but the fact that all of US are rallying behind something like this is dope! I honestly haven't seen one black person, or white person for that matter, pre-hate on this movie! Im excited y'all. And for all you JOE BUDDENS out there talking about, "It’s just a movie, we still gon’ be 'Just Niggas' after!" Please watch how much joy is in this little boy’s legs when he found out that him and his classmates are going to see Black Panther! 

 Representation matters! Black movie, black cast, black director, and a whole lot of black excellence. Even if it's one movie, representation matters to the kids who saw all the cool white hero’s like Captain America and Iron Man while we settled with Bird Man and the copycat Iron Man. Black Panther is the coolest hero out right now and that’s dope!

With that being said, I know y'all are going to see the movie. But you're probably wondering what to bring! Say no more! Below is five things you should bring with you to see Black Panther!

1. Hella Snacks

Ladies, bring your big purse; fellas, wear some cargo pants! We already know how most black people get down when it comes to going to the movies, (if we go at all with bootlegging becoming as easy as a fire stick jailbreak) so ain't nothing different for this one. We support the movie, not the theaters! So stop at the CVS or Walgreens across the street and get everything you need. And if you really “bout that life”, you might as well hit Popeyes up and get the family meal for the $20. I know I'm going to see a few people in there like:

 As long as you aren’t chewing this loud, we good!

2. Dashiki


I know you saw the memes of how black people are pulling up to Black Panther. If you are going to see it this weekend, then REPRESENT! Throw that Dashiki on and pull up in all of your black excellence. Wakanda, (where the Black Panther movie takes places) is located in North-East Africa and the movie didn’t miss anything by implementing African culture through out the wardrobe, location, etc. So pull up in your African clothing. If you feel bad about only buying and wearing a dashiki for this movie premiere, listen to this.

I was in African Art (An African art and clothing store in Richmond Mall in Richmond Heights, Ohio.) I walked in and asked where the dashikis were. The older man pointed me toward the back of the store with many different colored Dashikis on the racks. As I’m picking out dashikis for my crew and I to wear to the movie, he walks up to me with a smile and asked, “So you’re going to see Black Panther?” Feeling bad, I reply, “Yeah I am, but I have been wanting one of these for a while.” He laughs and sarcastically says “ok.” I laughed as well because I knew that he knew what was up. He then explains how business had really been booming due to the Black Panther movie, “I’m thankful for the movie. These Dashikis have been selling like crazy lately.” He said.

So don’t feel bad! Go grab your dashiki and support a small black business in the process. 

Ya Hands


Obviosly your hands will be with you, but be ready to throw them if need be. Just in case some JOE BUDDEN (white or black) get to spewing lies and hating on the movie. If anyone has any “hater” opinions about OUR movie, remember those wise words from your Mom, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” 

DISCLAIMER: I was joking y’all, let’s have a peaceful weekend and enjoy the movie! No fights, no shootings, nothing! Let’s all enjoy the movie in peace!

Any Kids You Can Find

I love this video so much that we have to watch it again! Look at that pure joy surging through his legs!


I cannot say this enough, REPRESENTATION MATTERS. It’s very important. To see a cool black super hero/king battling a black villain, in a black country, with his black women body guards directed by a black director aka A BLACK MOVIE! It doesn’t get any better than that. I know y’all remember that movie “Gods of Egypt” where the movie was based on an African country but was casted with Australian, Swedish, English and French actors and actresses. Some young kid seeing that movie could infer that Egyptians are white or that Egypt isn’t in Africa. Seeing a movie like Black Panther reaffirms the positive and true image of black people and Africa as a whole. Ain’t no white washing or race bending, we’re getting this one right! Show the kids that Africa is more than what the media says it is. So grab your younger siblings, nieces, nephews, cousin and even some kids around your neighborhood and head to the movie.

5. Your Black Card


Because if you have any Black Panther slander:


If you have some trash opinion about Black Panther (yes, some opinions can be trash. That’s a fact): 


If you don’t bring something to the parking lot kickback discussion we are going to have in every movie theater parking lot after the movie:


Seriously, the most important thing to bring is yourself! Support the movie and make sure you enjoy it! We will not be repossessing Black Cards, so don’t worry!