6 Things I've Learned on the Way to 25

And just like that, I’ll be 25 within the week. I don’t know where the time went, but I do know one thing; YA BOY DONE GLO’D UP! Not in the “ugly” to “ugly” Instagram“Post your glo up using two pictures” way (because ya boy been handsome), but ya boy done glo’d up in all aspects of my life. With my birthday being on New Year’s, it puts a different perspective on years ending and beginning for me. I usually take time to sit and reflect on the past year but turning 25 is a milestone, so I thought I would go about it differently. Sharing a few things that I have been working on personally, things I’ve learned over the years, and things I want to continue doing! Check them out below. 

1. The juice is temporary, but the sauce; the sauce is forever

Really think about it though. How long does orange juice last in your fridge? Now think about how long barbeque sauce last….. Exactly! The main point here is to alter your thinking towards longevity instead of short term. Sometimes we get wrapped up in the moment because it appeases us at that time. When that happens, we forget to look at the big picture. Trying to keep up with Jones’ is a perfect example. You try to cop everything to look like those people who got the juice at the moment, but forget that your sauce is still developing. Move at your own speed, your time will come. Hanging around the people I hang around motivates me to go and get it (by “it” I mean the bag$), but I have to remind myself my time will come. Invest in things (including yourself) for the long run.

2. Post the album, Drake!

Meek was right, Drake should have posted that album! No, of course Drake was not obligated to, but when someone wants to see you win, its only right you reciprocate that feeling if you have love them. Empower those who empower you. Motivate those who motivate you. Support those who support you. Post the persons album if they post yours! Seriously, if you got someone in your corner, don’t forget to give them what they gave you. It’s only right! That’s how the paradigm shifts. My problem is that I want everyone to see how dope this or that is and to support me, but I’m not willing to check out what they have going on. I’m not willing to post their album but I want them to post mine. 25 is my year of change though! I’m going to get it right! (Drake should have posted Meek’s album though).

3. Embrace ya old head status, withcho old ass.

Embrace your old head status. You don’t have to keep up with these young whipper snappers and their nice Jordan’s and cool chains. I had an issue with this. I was always trying to keep up with my peers when it came to spending money, going places, etc. but if you embrace who you are, everything will work out. I was growing out of those things but still wanted to keep up with the people who were doing it. It’s not that I stopped liking them, I just wanted to spend my money on other things. I felt indifferent about this at that time because how am I going to “Flex on dem lames?” I finally realized I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. Move at your own pace. They may be moving at 100mph and you may only be moving at 70mph, but as long as you’re comfortable, then you both are going to get there! I’m moving different at 25 then I was at 21 (I’m acting like 25 is 32 or something, but it’s close enough! I’m getting old!)

4. Get paid young n**ga get paid!

The King of Memphis

The King of Memphis

“Rule number one, get the money first. Rule number two, DON’T FORGET TO GET THE MONEY “– Young Dolph “Get Paid”.

Having multiple streams of revenue and passive income is the bees knees my friends. The goal is to make as much money as you can by doing either the following two things, or both:

  1. Doing what you love

  2. Doing nothing while your money works for you.

Invest, get a side hustle, and monetize that hobby or idea. Just make sure to follow Young Dolph’s instructions. GET PAID. I bought a two-family investment property this year that’s currently cash flowing about $150 a month and once I get my second unit finished, I will cash flow about $600 per month.  I also just picked up my basketball referee license and I’ve been picking up extra money (pretty good money if I say so myself) every weekend. Along with those streams, my side hustles at the Q arena and the Browns stadium are still in effect along with my 9 to 5 accounting job. I’ve learned that multiple streams of revenue are how you become financially successful. I am in no ways financially successful, but I am working towards it!

5. Tap into your inner “Diddy” Black Excellence

I had issues with this early on in my adult life, but it’s getting better. We all know that Diddy oozes black excellence, he is unapologetically black and this man is passionate! (And if you didn’t know, Google him and run his resume)

*I watch this video every time I’m having a tough time getting through a project, or whatever.*

 Yeah Diddy bleeds positivity and is always empowering others. Diddy’s genius is now due to his empowering nature, that’s where his black excellence is shining the most. The way he puts the culture on his back and uplifts everyone with positivity! It’s a thing of beauty. And the other reason why he is so dope is because; HE KNOWS THAT HE IS DOPE. He knows that he can do anything! He believes in himself. I have to remember to tell myself this every day and I imagine Diddy wakes up, walks out to view the ocean from his master bedroom balcony in his Gucci robe and Versace head band and says the same thing,

Versace Head Band Game Strong

Versace Head Band Game Strong

“I am walking black excellence! I am blessed beyond measure, and I am cloaked in immense power! I can do all things!”

We all struggle with self-esteem in some way, shape or form (especially in this social media age) but embrace your dopeness! You are amazing! Tell yourself this every day, because it’s true! Don’t forget to empower others, helping them embrace their inner Diddy as well!

6. If He dies, he dies.


This tweet is so funny I had to throw it in here, but be unapologetically you at all times and let things fall where they may. People only want you to be the version of you that they can benefit from. Keep it a buck, it’s ok if some people don’t like the “real” you. My problem is trying to please everyone and not being real with myself, and this is something I’m still pushing through! The only thing I owe you is my genuine self. Nothing more and nothing less! Just do you and let the chips fall where they may. People are going to respect and appreciate you for being genuine. So ladies, if you on the heavier side and he say get on top, DO YA THING. He is going to respect you for being genuine by putting in a good word for you to Jesus when he get to heaven!!! IF HE DIES HE DIES!

I’ve learned so much in my 25 years of life but I know it’s so much more to be taught! I am beyond thankful for the lessons!