Black Business Spotlight: Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes

Looking for a custom cake for your upcoming wedding or for your spouse’s birthday, or do you just want to have a delicious cupcake for yourself? Please look no further, Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes (link) is the place to go.

So who is the Gourmet Girl? For those of you who don’t know, the Gourmet Girl is Adenike Mosley-Brown and she is the founder and owner (and everything in between) of Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes.

This home-based bakery has been opened since 2013 and is based in Cleveland, Ohio (they accept orders throughout Ohio and also ships their signature pound cakes) and specializes in custom wedding cakes, special occasion cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, pound cakes & other sweet and scrumptious treats!!!

So I had to make it a point to catch up with Adenike and see how Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes was started and understand what drives her passion for cake baking.

The Gourmet Girl

The Gourmet Girl

1. How did Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes come about?

Adenike: My business was the result of switching career paths, very much unpredicted and unplanned. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, with all intentions to go to Medical school. But after the death of my mother, I began Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes to get my mind off of my grief and also to revive the memories of my mother teaching me how to bake growing up.

Baking calmed me, it allowed me an escape and a way to channel my energy into the production of something positive, visually pleasing, and delicious. I had taken a wedding cake class when I was 16, and years later, I began to get requests for cakes and so it all began! Its funny looking back on this moment now, because as a little girl one of my favorite celebrities was Martha Stewart. I absolutely love her! If I could get paid to make crafts, I would do that. I didn’t think this was possible, so I went to school for science (which I love as well).

My point is, I never would have thought that I would take a path from biology to baking, but in many ways God and my business delivered me from a very low point of my life, and thus Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes was born.

2. What are some of the popular items that Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes has to offer?

Adenike: Everything! I’m not just saying that because I make everything. All jokes aside, it is really important to me to live up to the name ‘Gourmet Girl’ and make each and every product a culinary experience. Popular items include of course my custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, my buttery and delicious pound cakes,  and what I call a ‘junk cake’ which is an organized mess of handmade chocolates, candies, cookies and personalized pieces that highlights the ‘Gourmie’ (fans of Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes). 

3. What’s your favorite part of the cake baking process?

Adenike: The cake design process has to be by far one of my favorite parts of the cake baking process, because at Gourmet Girl, I strive to make sure that the cake is a true reflection of the person for whom it’s for. You want your cake to be a piece of art that shows a glimpse of yourself: Are you fun and flirty? Do you consider yourself whimsical, maybe modern or classic is your thing?

I love that the cake tends to serve as the centerpiece of an event. It is eaten last not just because it is dessert, you eat it after the meal (unless you are like me, I’m a rebel, I eat my cake first! Lol) because it is something to admire and adore until the last possible moment. All of the senses are charmed through the cake experience: the gorgeous appearance of the cake, its smell and finally, its taste.

Ultimately from the beginning design stages to the finished product, my custom cakes allow my ‘Gourmies’ to get creative and enhance the sweet memories of a special moment in their lives. Recognizing that you eat first with your eyes Gourmet Girl’s moto is “Where Gorgeous + Gourmet = IncrEDIBLE Art!” So outside of the great products mentioned above, it is the attention to detail included in each cake design that is the most popular piece that my ‘Gourmies’ love.

4. What has been some successful moments for the Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes so far?

Adenike: I would have to say the successful moments for Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes would be when a cake is reveled to a ‘Gourmie’, and the reactions of excitement and joy that is evoked from seeing their completed cake vison for the first time. It is an unmatched feeling of success in the ability to make people happy, that I was unable to find previously in any other professional endeavor.

Another successful moment for Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes was when I changed my mind in terms of what the possibilities for my business were. It started somewhat of a hobby business and I initially never thought of myself as being an entrepreneur and cake artist full time. But then I began to think bigger and take limits off of myself and my gift.

One of my favorite bible verses is Proverbs 23:7 which says “as a (wo)man thinketh, so is (s)he.”

Once I began to embrace that creating art with cakes was my medium and passion, it gave me peace and the confidence that I could create a successful future doing so, and everything from there began to manifest from a thought to reality.

Sidebar - In 2017, Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes has lots in store in terms of opportunities for new successes. On March 11, Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes will take part in Brides in the City (link), which is a unique bridal showcase of some of Cleveland’s best wedding vendors. I am so excited to be revealing my Spring 2017 line of wedding cake designs, so please stay tuned for gorgeousness!

5. How has social media played a part in the success of your business?

Adenike: Social media has been tremendous! Gourmet Girl rocks heavily with Facebook and Instagram. Both allows for online promotion of products and serves as a portfolio of sorts for showcasing my cake art, and the best part is that it’s free marketing and advertising! A large majority of my customers come from social media, so it is truly invaluable to my business. The other best part is that social media allows for Gourmet Girl to interact with ‘Gourmies’ and potential ‘Gourmies’, with feedback on products and customer experiences.

6. As an entrepreneur, what are some challenges and benefits of having your own business?

Adenike: Working for yourself is so empowering! It is the ultimate creative process, with the effort put forth, producing an entity that is a direct reflection of all of your hard work. The challenges of being a business owner is ying to the yang that I just mentioned. You are responsible for your whole shebang, which can be hard and requires the constant exercise of multitasking and not only working hard, but working smart as well.

For instance, I am each and every employee that Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes has: I am the cake artist and head pastry chef, as well as the inventory specialist and dish washer; I work in the marketing and sales department, I am the head of accounting and every other facet of my company. At times I wish I could clone myself, but it truly is satisfying to constantly aim to improve to overcome challenges and grow stronger.

7. What advice would you have for someone that is looking to start their own business?

Adenike: I would say, just do it! Allow your passion for something to lead you. There is nothing better than being excited about what you do daily, it changes work to something else. I won’t say that it changes work to play, because that would be a lie! Owning a business is a grind, but it’s worth it. The talents, gifts and ideas that you possess are not by accident, find a way to share these things with the world.

If you are interested in knowing more on what Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes has to offer, make sure you go check out their website and go hit up all of their social media accounts (see below) for pictures of Adenike’s cakes and additional information about upcoming specials and announcements.

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