Earl Thomas Demonstrates Why You Should Ask Your Employer For It All

I’m going to be honest with you. If we’re in a bad situation. One were only one of us can make it through, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure it’s me that makes it to the other side and not you. Everything. That’s the God honest truth.

That sentiment applies to everyone, except for my family, and a select group of friends. But anybody else? You’re gonna have to take that L.

Reading that you understand my line of thinking, you identify with it. You would do the same. It’s our human nature, it’s an animals nature, it’s even nature’s nature. Everything in the world operates under that premise. When it comes down to me or you it’s always gonna be you.

Survival mode. Natural order. Circle of life. Whatever you want to call it, it’s just the way the world works and we all understand it. You’ve gotta do whatever it takes to keep the world from chewing you up and spitting you out. If your best bud at work gets a new gig, yeah it makes you sad but at the end of the day you say congratulations because you get it. If you see hard times headed your employers way you find a new employer because that’s the smart thing to do. You gotta get it how you live because at the end of the day nobody has your back like you. Get as much as you can for as long as you can because the day will come when it all comes to an end.

In short - life is all about survival of the fittest. Everyone knows that and respects it. Except for the bosses.

While we’ve established in every facet of life as an earthling YOU are responsible for YOU there are a small number of scenarios when people think you should sacrifice yourself for the betterment of the “world” you operate in.

Enter Earl Thomas. A 29 year old all-pro safety destined for the NFL hall of fame. Earl Thomas has been in the news in recent weeks for telling his employer, the Seattle Seahawks that he was going to do everything he could, outside of sitting out of games to make sure it was not him that went down. “I need to make sure my body is 100. I’m investing in myself. If they were investing in me, I would be out there practicing. But I feel like if anything, I don’t give  damn if it’s small, I got a headache, I’m not practicing.” Thomas took this approach because he felt he was worth a new lucrative contract extension. A fair ask for a player of his caliber. But not an ask the Seahawks wanted to fulfill.

Management was miffed at Earl’s tactic. How dare he not sacrifice his body with no guarantee of a future payday? How could he be so selfish to put himself before the team that wouldn’t think to pay a bill for him once he can’t tackle anymore? Or put his kids through college long after he made his last interception. Don’t you know it’s all about the team Earl?

He was vilanized by management. He was painted as the bad guy by the media all for using his basic survival instincts.

And then Sunday afternoon something happened. Earl Thomas broke his leg.


The media did an about-face, referring to the incident as a tragedy. Management expressed their sorrow and concern and Earl, well he had another feeling. 


There’s a lesson here. Let this serve as a cautionary tale. When it comes to your employment, get it all. Ask for the world. Take as much as you can for as long as you can because you never know when it all can come crashing down. And when it does, best believe you, the one taking all the risk will be the one it comes crashing down on. Working for someone else is inherently risky. I know it, you know it, Earl knew it. That’s why he angled and postured for fair compensation.

If you can identify with this story you need to do the same, ASAP. No you aren’t risking life and limb every day at work like an NFL player but your career is your livelihood nonetheless. Do you feel like your fairly compensated? Are you a top performer? Do you have transferable skills?

Take inventory, research your position, search for job listings DONT GET COMFORTABLE because everything can change in an instant. 

In 2018 the world has evolved in ways man never could have imagined. Emerging technologies and fields have shifted the arc of what is possible. But as the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same. They will never pick you before them. Trust your instincts and do the same, just make sure you do it first. 

Ron Simpson

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