Eminem is Still the Greatest White Boy of All Time.

Lyrics to the new BET Cypher by Eminem. I do not own the copyrighted material.

Watching Eminem's freestyle/cypher or whatever you want to call it got me feeling a couple of ways.

Did I like it? Yes.

Did I think it was necessary? Hell yes! 

Did Eminem show us he is still one of the best lyricists in the rap game? Oh, most definitely!

Was it about time a white person with his platform spoke up about “45”? Yes.  

Eminem is still dope AF with the words and continues to prove to us that he is down with the culture without being a vulture. He rides with all of us who DO NOT support "45" (I will not use my platform to speak his name) 

The lyrics were magnificent and resonated with everything that's going on in the world today. From 45's Twitter rants on everything not important, to talking down on the black men and woman who use their platform to shed light on important issues. Eminem is using his platform to bring attention to an already troubling situation in the black and brown community. He is speaking to his fans who are without melanin. 

He does it in the most Eminem way possible, by battling hate with hate. He's taking that anger he has for such an evil man and turning it against him, throwing it in his face until it sticks. I mean, do I agree with it? Not fully, it is Eminem we're talking about here. What did you expect? Some bars on how "45" needs to step it up and be a better person, or how we should all come together and sing, "We are the world"?  Naw!

I like what Em did. I personally could have done without all the fist throwing even though it was in good taste. That's all I can ask for. We need more white people with huge platforms to speak out on the injustices that are happening everyday, and to speak out against what "45" is doing. 

What do you all think of Eminem and BET making this statement ?  Comment and let's talk about.