Entrepreneur vs 9 to 5

I can’t help but be overwhelmed by all of the entrepreneur hype over the last year: IG post everywhere, YouTube Sensations blowing up, and Facebook floods. Along with the positive energy around Entrepreneurship, I’ve also been feeling and seeing the hate for the 9 to 5 or Career life.

“Fuck a 9 to 5”, “You’re not a man unless you’re your own boss”, “Don’t let your job keep you from your dreams”, etc.

I’m always bothered when I see these types of post. One side hating on the opposite side, like it’s not possible to have an appreciation for both. In this case, pretending as entrepreneur or career life is either right or wrong. For me, my career in healthcare serves a big purpose, it’s the main method I financially support my family and lifestyle. I can appreciate going into work every day for 8 hours being productive and knowing that production will lead to a check that will allow me to enjoy life.  For the most part I enjoy the actual work as well, but I know its some people working a “9 to 5” and it’s absolutely their passion and gives them purpose, like a teacher, firefighter, doctor, nonprofit employee, etc. so where and how do the previous 9 to 5 hate statements apply to them? They don’t, these people have tapped into their passion and found happiness in their jobs so why hate.

Is the Entrepreneurship wave just a trend? Will everyone starting up a hustle be just a temporary thing, and eventually the fakers will be exposed? Or is it part of an evolving community and be one of the major staples of the millennial generation?

I can see that as strong possibility, us being known as the generation that multitasked their way to success. Entrepreneurship being the method we break chains that held our parents’ generation back, a method to overcome debt and other financial obstacles. Us reinventing ourselves by career standards every 5-10 years. Conversations between friends like, “Hey Ryan, I thought you were in healthcare 5 years ago? Well yea I was but I leveraged my salary into a couple businesses and I do this fulltime now”. I can really see this as being a strong possibility especially after thinking about what’s impacting the trend; Social Media influencers, Entrepreneur Personalities, Social Media as an advertising platform, the economy and resources. Influencers and stars will always come and go, but the advancement in technology and social media has empowered everyone to take full advantage of their network.

I do real estate has a side passion, I love homes/architecture, it gives me side income and allows me to serve my community. The venture has been very fruitful but I wonder sometimes well not wonder, I think about what an important role social media in particular Instagram has had in my success with real estate. When I first began the teachers and older folks told me to blast out an email to everyone you know introducing yourself as being in the industry. I did and didn’t receive much feedback. I did the same thing two months later and received a ton of comments and feedback but more importantly clients. “Ryan my girlfriend is about to buy a house and I thought about your IG post from the other day”.

Going from idea to business launch is easier than ever, going from 0 to 1 client is easier than ever and in most cases can be done at very low cost. For this reason I think the Entrepreneurship wave will continue to grow and impact culture in a positive manner. At the same time I hope we don’t forget 9 to 5’s sustain some of these businesses birthed from Entrepreneurship and more importantly each path should be appreciated because each can be a path to happiness.