Has Dating Become Extinct?

This post was written by Angel Hemingway, a guest contributor to TheTalented6.com

Being a single 25 year old woman in today's society, I can definitely say it's hard to get a date these days. Now, I am not saying it is hard to get a man to talk to me. What I am saying is that it is hard to get a man to actually take me out on a date. Most men in their 20's feel as if taking a lady out on a date means they have to be committed to that woman and not talk to anyone else but that woman. But in all actuality, taking someone out on a date doesn't mean that at all. If you Google the word "dating" it gives different definitions as to what the word really means. For instance, the dictionary definition of "Dating" states: "To go out with (someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested)." Another definition is, " A form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals with the aim of assessing the others suitability as a partner in a intimate relationship or as a spouse. The result of dating at any time may lead to friendship, any level of intimate relationships, marriage, or no relationship at all".

Most young men's idea of dating is going over to a woman's house, watching TV and chilling aka "Netflix & chill" (another topic for another day). What sparked me to ask the question of, "Has dating become extinct" was after watching one of my male associate's Snapchat story explaining why he doesn't take women on dates. He first went on to explain how he met a woman and after getting her number they talked and texted for a little while. After, he finally asked her when were they going to "chill", but her response to him was, "We can go on a date first." He didn't want to take her on a date because he would rather invite her over to sit in the house to get to know her instead of him taking her out to do the same thing ( ladies, we all know what that means). After not talking to her for about a week, he saw her out with another guy. So he asked why should he take a women on a date and spend his money on her, just for her to go out with another man anyways. The sad thing is most guys think this way. The majority of men feel if they take a women on a date, they have to spend hundreds of dollars on her just for him to strike out and never get on base, but if you treat a women to a nice date, have good conversation and make her laugh; anything could happen (anything meaning a second date, I hope). Most women want to be valued as more than just a sex toy to men, but that is the way most men of this generation come off when they want to "Netflix & chill" every date night. So when men just want to come over and chill for every date before actually getting to know a women, us ladies have a good idea of what our value is to that certain man. Also, it's honestly a cop out. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a women to have a good time with her. There are plenty of fun options for dating if you are low on funds but genuinely want to get to know a woman. That is a better alternative way to see what type of woman your dealing with and if you want to continue seeing her after that intial date than this Netflix & Chill" epidemic. Below are 4 date night ideas that are easy on the pockets and are just as effective if not better than "Netflix & chill".

1. Happy Hour Drinks
Now a days, dinner and a movie is the old fashion way of dating. It also could be a little intimating for some. Calling up the woman you just met to go out for drinks during happy hour or even on a dollar night is a way to get someone to loosen up and be themselves.
2.  $5 Movie Dates
Instead of only going out on the weekends for date nights, mix it up and go out on a week day. We are adults who can hang out pass 10 or 11 pm if we want, so why not. I don't know about everyone else, but where I live we have days during that week where the movies are $5 all day. We all know how expensive the movies can get if you add in the snacks and drinks on top of the $12 or $13 movie ticket. So $5 movie days are heaven sent and also a great date idea!
3. Fun dates
Now I really couldn't narrow this down because there are endless possibilities of what a fun date could consist off. From going go-kart racing to sip and paint, women want to have just as much fun as men do. So you don't have to automatically ask a woman out to dinner if you think she would enjoy a fun time at the batting cages. You never know, you may find you two have more things in common when you speak up and step outside the conventional realm of dates.
4. Double dating
I know there are some people who just may not be good on first dates. Most of the time, the reason comes down to not being comfortable which leads to nervousness. Some people get nervous on dates, you can't change that, but going on double or group dates with friends can help. Double dating is a fun way to hang out with your friend(s) and also get to know your date. That would definitely calm nerves while on a date. You never know, you may have more things in common with your friends date than yours.

So with that being said, no one is forcing men to take women on expensive and elaborate dates. You can get to know someone without spending a lot of money. You may have to work a tad bit harder, but the outcome may be worth it! Be creative! No one said dating had to be only dinner dates with $100 lobster and steak; also no one said dating had to be only "Netflix & Chill" dates either. Just how all men are different and want to have a good time, so are all women. You just have to dig deep to find out.

- Angel Hemingway
IG: blxck_angell
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