I Hate My Job

The all-too-familiar sound of the iPhone alarm pierces the silence of an otherwise blissful and peaceful sleep. My eyes blink open- vision momentarily blurred as I awaken from my slumber. The bedroom light is already on, causing me to squint as my eyes adjust to the brightness. My wife, who has awoken before me, is in her mirror getting dressed while my infant daughter is still sleep in her crib. I instantly become jealous of her, wishing I could trade places with her for at least another hour in the bed. I swing my feet to the side of the bed, bones and joints cracking as I stand up and wipe last night's drool off the corners of my mouth. I grab my towel and phone and head downstairs to the bathroom for a few minutes on the porcelain throne before I hop in the shower. I hear my wife and oldest daughter leave the house as the hot water from the shower head hits my face, officially waking me up. I finish my shower, brush my teeth and head back upstairs to get myself and my baby dressed. ESPN plays in the background as I collect our things to head out for the day. I drop my baby off at the babysitter and kiss her goodbye, praying that she has a great day full of fun. I drive off and make my commute, dodging potholes and stupid drivers along the way. As I pull into the employee parking lot and turn the car off, I pause for a moment and prepare myself mentally for another 8-hour workday

There are many people enjoy this process of getting up at the butt-crack of dawn everyday and heading to work but I am not one of those people.

Why? Because I hate my job.

Everyday I wake up, I plot on an excuse to text my boss that I'm not coming in. Once I get to my desk and clock in, I start thinking about the 473828373 other places I'd rather be, other than here- chained to this desk like a hostage. But none of those places pay the bills or put food on the table for my family, so I grit and bear it, anxiously awaiting the end of the day. My wife texts me "How's your day going?" "It's cool" I reply. The T6 group chat "Views From The 6️⃣" is a whole other story.

 "I hate my job, y'all. If this place caught fire, I wouldn't piss on it to put it out."

"Damn Will, you a wild boy😂," they respond, fully aware that I'm trying to be funny but also dead-ass serious.

I work in sales- a pretty mundane gig with great pay, sweet benefits and the work environment isn't hazardous to my physical health. My mental health, on the other hand, suffers tremendously. This place is a bane to my existence. The constant emails, the pointless meetings, the annoying co-workers gossiping about each other- all of it I can live comfortably without. My boss micromanages from his corner cube via email, and constantly harasses the floor to call more people and sell more products. "We have to make goal people, let's go! Will, you can't hit goal on your phone watching Snapchat videos!"

Bitch! It's an Instagram story, first of all so buzz off!

In all honesty, I've never had a job I truly enjoyed. Probably because I wasn't put on this Earth to work a job my whole life. The hamster-wheel lifestyle has zero appeal to me; I know in my heart I am destined for something beyond a desk and 2 monitors. There is work to be done that serves a greater purpose that I cannot fulfill sitting in an ergonomic chair wearing a headset. My life goal is to pursue those avenues sooner than later, as Kanye West so eloquently put it"Wait till I get my money right/Then you can't tell me nothin right!"

So if you feel like me and hate your job or even dislike it an eensy-weensy bit, know that you aren't alone and you're not crazy. We are all destined for a greater purpose than the one we are currently entrenched in. Even though you may not like the path you're currently on, be mindful that the work you are doing is developing skills that will be quite useful later on as you pursue your passion and attempt to live out your purpose. Don't start getting lazy with your work- in fact, it makes more sense to grind even harder as you plan your eventual exit. Don't burn any bridges either, you never know who you'll need a favor from down the road, even if it's from an annoying boss who spits their fingernail clippings all over his office. It's also important to maintain a solid work/life balance. Do not EVER let stress from a job weigh on you to the point it causes negative effects. Keep a solid crew around you to vent to; if they're as real as they claim, they'll listen and give advice and most importantly, they won't judge you. Lastly, take all the positives you can from your currently unpleasant gig, even if it's just the paycheck; every cloud contains a silver lining, even the dark ones.

If it ever gets unbearable, just take out your phone and play the national anthem. Then as the "Star Spangled Banner" plays, face the flag waiving outside your office and take a knee, in silent protest of how much you hate your job. At least then, you'll be doing something purposeful. Now quit sneaking peeks of the T6 website and get back to work!