I'm The Coolest Monkey in the Jungle

*deep sigh*

C'mon H&M, what the hell is this?


If there's one thing we've learned from Dove, Shea Moisture, Pepsi and other corporations in the business of generating revenue, it's that they don't give a fuck about us (Black people.) They'll use our beautiful, melanin-rich skin to advertise their products. They'll hire our Black celebs to push their agendas. They pilfer through Black social media and casually borrow our slang and willfully take our Black buying dollars. However, in the grand scheme of things, those suit-wearing paper pushers that actually run those companies care about one thing- that profit margin. We assume, that in the year of our Lord 2018, that these companies have come to understand their diversified consumer base. When we see those Black models on the wall of The Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, we get a sense of false acceptance- that the company legit cares about being inclusive and diverse. But to those aforementioned suits, we're a dollar sign. To them, our lives don't matter and our feelings don't, either. So excuse me if I'm not mad at H&M for being culturally insensitive to the image of Black folks. For crying out loud, H&M is headquartered in Sweden, where everyone is named Johan, Henrik and Tomas and they all look the damn same; you tell me what they're supposed to know about racially PC culture? 

This insensitive oversight probably got someone their walking papers and H&M's statement about not meaning to offend will attempt to put this issue to bed. But that person who got fired probably got a hefty severance on the way out the door and everyone at H&M probably had a good, long laugh at Black people for being outraged at a hoodie with words on it. The response of fake outrage is out of control. The Weeknd and G-Eazy choosing to end their partnerships with H&M doesn't really do anything either, mainly because their fans aren't going to stop shopping there- so really only their bag is affected by that choice. 

And while I appreciate the sentiments made by LeBron James and Diddy and them sharing these remixed pictures of the little boy in the ad, I always am skeptical of the genuine nature of the action- like if this wasn't a huge social media trending topic, would they have even said anything?



If the hoodie was advertised without the black kid in it, are we all still going to jump out the window over it? Because if there is an outrage over this, then y'all are gonna be really mad with Carter's. Cue the angry mob Instagram posts!


And then there's this highly unnecessary Photoshop job. What did the lil white kid do? What if somebody remixes the lil black kid's hoodie to say "Future Gangbanger" or "Future Prison Inmate?" That's wrong but this isn't? 


We've covered fake outrage before on this site, and the same thing holds true in this situation- this ain't nowhere near that big of a deal. We have bigger fish to fry in this world and a little black kid wearing a monkey hoodie is a shrimp. The crooked judicial/penal system in this country, police misconduct and the socioeconomic gap are the large mouth bass. While we're keeping up the good fight, let's keep the real issues in context that need our attention, and avoid distractions at all costs.

Real talk though, lil dude kinda looks like a monkey to me, and the hoodie looks pretty cool for a lil dude. If I was him, I would run around wearing that thing with pride, without a care in the world, full of innocence, totally oblivious to the world around me arguing over some words on a sweatshirt I can't even pronounce. Running around like the coolest monkey in the jungle.