Issa Savage: Don't Let Them Fool You Fellas


Sunday night's episode of the hit HBO show "Insecure" was one of my favorite episodes of the show so far. I think I'm finally opening up to Issa's type of comedy; because with each week that goes by, the shows gets funnier and funnier. This week was definitely interesting not only because "Issa Pirate" (which was totally over-exaggerated! Lets be real here, it's 2017 and Daniel warned her!) but also because of the scene with Issa's new tinder bay Nico half way through the episode. That scene has been the topic of conversation in a few group chats of mine this week. With Issa being in her "hoe phase" and having a "hoe-tation" she's been "out here" to say the least. So in this episode, "Hella Blows", she decides to take charge after seeing her neighbor bay with another chick. Nico, the nice and wholesome white boy (we don't know if he is actually wholesome or if he is white for that matter, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on both) falls victim to Issa's savagery.

To paint the picture of the scene, Nico arrives at Issa's house with intentions to pick her up to go out on a date. Issa answers the door in a white mini skirt and her breast popping out of her shirt. They sit on the couch waiting for Issa's fake skirt to dry. (does she even have a dryer though?) Issa pours some wine and pretty much throws a fast ball right down the middle for Nico to hit "it" out the park. But what does Nico do? He does what any decent man would have done! He struck out on his own terms; do to his interest in Issa as a potential girlfriend! After he tells Issa they should take it slow and leave for dinner, with or without her fake skirt being dried in her fake dryer, Issa throws the man out. No, this isn't another baseball analogy! She literally throws my man out of her house! The savagery Issa displayed caught my attention and triggered this post and the PSA below!

PSA: Women are just as savage as men! 


There are many “hoe phase” Issa’s out there looking for sex or checks (dates or real checks). No ladies, I'm not calling y'all hoes, but just like Issa, it's women out there who just want to kick it. Whether post relationship, pre relationship or whatever. Which is fine, until you all start hurting the good guys. How many times have my fellow brethren been finessed out of countless dinner dates, or out of (in the words of Kevin Hart) the tally nackle only to see that the relationship they imagined in there head to vanish right before their eyes. Issa ( 21 savage pronunciation) cold world out here when dating in 2017. With that being the case, a lot of good men are getting crushed by “hoe-phases” and “hoe-tations”.

So we all know the stereotype that men have been a part of since the beginning of time. How many movies, books, TV shows, and women have you heard say the following?

“All Men Are Dogs”

“All Men Ain’t Shit”

This stereotype, wrongfully given to ALL men by the way, has caused men to have to prove themselves as worthy courtship partners due to a women’s idea of “all men ain’t shit” being drilled into their brains from their mother, sisters, friends, and/or social media over the years. But yet, what's the stereotype for women, that they always get treated wrong? This is why I really appreciate Issa and the show “Insecure” because over the last 2 seasons they switched the narrative. They had Issa not valuing and cheating on a good man in Lawrence, Molly playing games with another good man in Jared all throughout season 1, and Issa throwing a man out of her apartment because he wouldn't have sex with her. These are very common things that happen in the dating world, but yet men get the blunt of the slander!

In reality, women are the same way if not worse than the stereotype given to men when it comes to the cut throat savagery in dating. Of course not all women are as savage as “hoe-tation” Issa but they are out there! Just as all men aren’t dogs, but there are few. We've lost a lot of good men to the dark side due to the savagery ways of some women

Let's kill the stereotype of ALL men being dogs and ladies being the victims, me speaking on behalf of all the black men in the world (and Nico). Ladies can just be as "on games" as men are! Though I think Issa did it the right way, being up front about her intentions to make it clear she didn’t want a relationship. Though, if that were the case she could have not led him on from the jump. We all saw how much fun they had on their first date! So after that you kick him out just because he didn't give you his hotdog without the bun? I love the 2017 attitude most women have adapted, which is empowering women to be more like SZA, "love ya self, not these n*ggas" but at what cost? To hurt us kind hearted, gently men because you only need a "weekend"? When we spend hella bread on first dates not looking for nothing in return but good conversation and the start of something real, but too many times it turns sour.

*drops mic*

*pulls another mic out*

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