I Love Genuine Self Expression, but I Hate Male Rompers

First off, when we started this blog; who would have thought I would write a blog post about a women's clothing fad that MEN want to wear! I guess you go where the good Lord takes you.

So about these male rompers ( I refuse to call them rompHIMS)! I absolutely love self expression. I am all about staying true to yourself no matter what and not conforming to the judgement of others. We had a great podcast that was released yesterday where Ryan Rosenthal had said a simple but profound thing, "as long as its you, do it. " and I'm all for that. If walking around in a $2,400 blouse is your style, go for it. If wearing a dress on your album cover makes you feel good, I'm here for it. Even if you want to throw a skirt on and have a night out with the boys, do ya thing big fella. But let me say this loud and clear! 


YES! I respect your choice to romp ya life away, but that doesn't stop you from catching this slander when you're doing it for the gram!


I appreciate the idea behind the male rompers. A group of men wanting to start a new wave that hasn't been done in over 30 years in the USA. I'm all about pushing the fashion envelope, but I thought it was a little lazy when all they did was grab a "Women's Only" clothing item, throw a zipper on the front, give it a different name and call that innovation. But I digress! 

The only way this is going to stick is when the men that love attention try to gain more attention by wearing their floral print rompers they get from Fashion Nova. We all know those "do it for the gram" type of guys. They want to be different for the sole reason of social media likes. In today's world, we get so caught up in being different that it actually turns into being all the same. Being woke, different, and whatever is cool right now is "in". I'm personally going to skip out on the male romper hype because I can't get jiggy with having to get butt naked to use the bathroom! I also don't feel the need to be apart of these memes black twitter have been posting all week! I've been laughing non stop all week at the following memes.


I don't want to be one of these guys! Especially that last one! Black Twitter is again UNDEFEATED! But the point is, I'm in favor of the male rompers! I just want people to be genuine about it! Don't do it because it's popping right now and you "THINK" you're going to grab all the attention. Do it because you genuinely like being butt naked on the toilet in the club, because you like when women call you "hey, yellow romper" ( I had to take that shot, I couldn't help myself), or do it because you genuinely like the male romper. If it's you, do you! But If you're doing it for likes and conversation, come catch this slander. We here at The Talented 6 are all about uplifting others, but we also love to slander when it's deserved!

Be you and wear what you want, but if it's not who you are, or if yotrying to do it because it's cool now; we are going to pull that slander card and slam it on the table like we playing dominoes!

#RompersAllSummer2017, ok! Just make it look good fellas, that's all I ask. Keep ya legs shaved too! (I had to throw one more shot!)

I know what your thinking. Was this post meant to uplift or throw shade! That's for you to decide!

Hemingway Out!

*Flushes Toilet*

*Rolls Up Romper*