4 Awards The NBA Awards Show Should Include For The Culture

Another NBA season is in the books with the Warriors finishing off my Cavs in 5 games to win the NBA Championship! Any other NBA season, the winners of the NBA regular season awards would have been announced by now. Usually announced randomly throughout the post season, they go in order from rookie of the year to MVP with the other 5 sprinkled in between. But this year, the NBA decided to do an award show and hold all the awards until today (July 26th 2017)! Not really sure how to feel about this because I think an NBA award show would be lit, but the regular season has been over for almost 3 months. Nobody wanted to wait that long for Russell Westbrook ( AKA Russell WestCOOK as The Talented 6 member Gabriel Hemingway likes to call him) to receive his MVP award! ( yes Russ is receiving MVP, sorry not sorry). The only reason why I think this award show will be worth the wait is because they have 7 new awards this year. So instead of the original 7 ( rookie of the year, defensive player of the year, most improved player of the year, sixth man of the year, coach of the year, GM of the year, and most valuable player of the year), they have 7 new fan voted awards that include best dunk of the year, best assist of the year, best style of the year, best block of the year, game winner of the year, performance of the year, and best playoff moment. Though I'm sure (I hope) they will have more than those additional 7 because let's face it, those are kind of corny! So with the NBA award show airing tonight, I came up with 4 NBA awards they should have. Highlighting some of the things we all noticed this year but weren't highlighted by the league.

These are my 4 NBA regular season awards I would love to see at the NBA award show this year. FOR THE CULTURE! * MIGO'S VOICE*

Finesser of the Year ( FOTY)

Presented by Luke Walton (2016 winner), this award goes to the NBA player who finessed their way to the best season on and off the court. This player demonstrated focus, determination, and sheer will to get what they wanted by finessing their way to the top. Regardless of finesse, this player showed true ability and talent in the art of finessing.

And the award for Finesser of The Year Goes To *insert drum roll*

Moe Harkless

Only the greatest finesser's could have pulled off what Moe did this season. Moe Harkless plays for the Portland Trailblazers and while his numbers were average at best (averaging only 10 points per game, 4 rebounds per game, and 1 assist per game this last season), he found a way to finesse' Portland out of $500k. His awareness and finessing ability is what Finesse Hall of Famers are made of. Moe had an incentive in his contract that he would receive a $500,000 bonus if he shot over 35% from the three point line this regular season. With this in mind, Moe did the unthinkable. With 4 games left, his 3 point field goal percentage was 35.1%. So that would mean even just one miss from the three point line would have caused his percentage to drop below 35%. So with Portland fighting for an 8th seed playoff birth against the Denver Nuggets. Moe, who averaged three 3pt attempts per game, did not attempt ANY three pointers for the last four games. He literally would catch the ball at the 3 point line wide open, and take a dribble in and shoot. Portland put this incentive in knowing that Moe was an historically bad 3 point shooter. Shooting 27% last year and 17% the year before from behind the arc! So Portland wasn't worried, but the finesse king had other plans! This is your 2017 Finesser of the year!!

The Most Pettiest Player of the Year (MPP)

Presented by LeBron James, this award goes to the player who is the most pettiest both on and off the court. They continue to display their pettiness throughout the entire season effortlessly! Whether its aimed at a certain person or team, hidden or openly displayed, and regardless of reason; pettiness was number one on this players agenda! This player's dedication to be as petty as possible as much as possible is definitely a talent everyone is NOT born with!

And the award for The Most Pettiest Player of the Year Goes To *insert drum roll*

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook may be a triple double machine, your 2017 MVP ( we all know he's going to win), and the most ferocious player in the NBA, but he's also the pettiest player the NBA has to offer. With Kevin Durant leaving the OKC Thunder for the Golden State Warriors last summer, this gave Westbrook a chance to not only hone his pettiness skills, but channel them to pull off some of the most pettiest things the NBA has ever seen. From his fashion statement jab at Durant by wearing an "Official Photographer" vest to the game as Durant became a licensed photographer that same year, to running and jumping for joy when Kyrie Irving hit the game winning shot on the warriors during a regular season game, referring to Kevin Durant as a "b**ch a$$ n**ga" as he told one of his teammates to not talk to him after a regular season game, saying "Ya Momma" to Patrick Beverly during this year's NBA playoffs. I COULD LITERALLY GO ON ALL DAY! Russell Westbrook has set the bar high when it comes to pettiness. He has not only pulled down crazy numbers this year on the court, but has also pulled down a few triple doubles in the game/art of being petty. Westbrook's petty antics has helped him rewrite the book of pettiness this season. When you think of petty, you think of Russell Westbrook

The Most Savage Player of The Year ( MSP)

Presented by Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins, this award goes to the most savage player on and off the court. This player doesn't care about the consequences of the things they do or say. They are 100% un-apologetically savage at all times! They often get in trouble and are very aggressive to any one they don't like! They don't have a filter and has a very easy time racking up technical fouls.

And the award for The Most Savage Player of the Year Goes To *insert drum roll*

Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins

I know what you are thinking, how could Boogie Cousins present his own award to himself? Well, because boogie is boogie(and the most savage player in the NBA wouldn't mind running any and all fades). This decision was unanimous as Boogie's whole career has been filled with the rawest form of savagery possible. Boogie does not hold his tongue for anyone and often finds himself in trouble from the things he does on and off the court. From threatening to beat up an old, white man ( and he didn't call him the N word),  calling a fan another word for a female dog and telling them to....... (just watch the video, we have children readers), telling a female fan to sit her fat a$$ down, flicking off two golden state fans after a win. Again, I COULD GO ON ALL DAY! People blame boogies inability to control his temper and his upbringing amongst other things as to why he acts the way he acts. Boogies inability to conform and change for the NBA is why he won this award. He just doesn't care about what people think! This is why he is your first ever unanimoius back to back savage award winner in NBA history!

The Most Woke Coach or Player of The Year

Presented by Doc Rivers, this award goes to the most "woke" NBA player or coach. This person is aware and is outspoken about the things that goes on around them in their community, city, and country with a focus on social injustice and racism. This person understands the plight of African American's ( or any minority in the USA) and is not scared to create dialogue about different issues. They use their platform to share their message hoping to help others wake up as well!

And the award for The Most Woke Coach or Player of the Year Goes To *insert drum roll*

Gregory Popovich

This decision was unanimous as Greg Popovich has been very outspoken on the subjects of race, politics, and white privilege. Throughout the second half of the regular season, Pop hasn't been scared to give his opinion on the president, the plight of African Americans in America, and he even had some words for the trump supports! Pop understands his privilege as a white man in American and he is using his platform and "woke-ness" to bring some very imporntat issues to light. Pop even attended the women's march in support of the cause! Below is one of Pop's more popular quotes that made headlines around the country! This man is woke, no doubt about it!

If you were born white, you automatically have a monstrous advantage educationally, economically, culturally in this society and all the systemic roadblocks that exist, whether it’s in a judicial sense, a neighborhood sense with laws, zoning, education, we have huge problems in that regard that are very complicated, but take leadership, time, and real concern to try to solve.
— Gregg Popovich

Though these awards would make the first ever NBA award show even more dope, they will not be included! Maybe they will squeeze a few of these awards in next year!