The Night I Single Handedly Sealed an NBA Championship for the city of Cleveland

Date: May 29th 2016.

Time: Approximately 1:34 A.M.

Location: Barley House (Private Room)

 A little less than 2 months after that glorious night and it is still unbelievable. Seeing the Cavaliers win the NBA championship was surreal. That is something I thought would never happen in my lifetime with or without LeBron James. Watching The Shot (that’s what we Clevelanders refer to as Kyrie’s 3 point dagger over Steph Curry) and the Block (LeBron’s nasty pinning block of Andre Iguodala with the game on the line) live was a moment I will never forget. For most people, the realization of the Cavs beating the Warriors in the finals were as early as game 6 and for others it was as late as “the shot” in Game 7. With that being said, no one saw a championship coming after the Cavs went down 3-1, EXCEPT ME. The only reason I was able to see it was because I had a hand in winning it long before the first game of the NBA Finals.

May 28th 2016 was a normal Saturday during the morning and afternoon, but for some reason I was not content with just sitting in the house that night. So I decided to head down to West 6th street and hang out. The day before, the Cavs brought home the Eastern Conference Championship with a win over Toronto so downtown was lit. I get downtown hit some bars, grab a few drinks and keep it moving. A few moments later, my sister arrived on W.6th. So we stop in a bar named “Barley House” to grab a drink. The energy in Barley house was insane! You know a bar is rocking when the bouncers are giving any reason to not let people in, “Naw man, we not doing bald fades tonight”, but luckily we got in with no problem. We walk in, get drinks and post up. About 10 minutes go by and I see a friend that I often hoop with. We dap up and begin to talk. We speak the usually “what’s good G” and then started talking about the Cavs and our NBA Finals predictions. He then says, “The Cavs' players are actually in the back celebrating, you want to join?” Going off my past experiences, I conclude that we are NOT going anywhere near the players. My faith in him was well in the negative, but I still say, “Yeah sure man! I’m down”!

As we are walking towards the private backroom, we get the hardest NFL stiff arm from the bouncer, “Forget it guys, we have to keep the ratio, and it’s already enough guys in there” he says. I give Mike the Kanye shrug and tell him I would see him later. He said, “where you going man?” as he jumps on the phone and a guy comes out and talks to the bouncer, “They with me Frank” he says.

I felt like Joshua walking into the promise land as that door swung open. I see about 100 women and maybe 25 guys partying and having a good time. As I’m walking in, I accidentally bump into a guy who was dancing in front of the door. It was Iman Shumpert and he was “Hitting the Folks” with no shirt on. I turn my head and see Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving sitting at a table full of beautiful women. I continue to walk forward and then I see the kid from Akron aka LeBron James and I instantly knew why the good Lord put me in this room. So Mike and I walk to the bar, grab some drinks and post up. We walk towards the middle of the floor and I turn around, and I see we are standing next to King James himself. His greatness is like that super sayian aura around Goku in DragonBall Z. At that moment, I envisioned him lining everyone on west 6th up and feeding them buckets on the court one by one. Just standing next to him I could feel a NBA championship if that's even possible. So we end up moving away from LeBron to a small table to post up on. So Bankroll Fresh “Walked In” started to play and I instantly start to jig. I look up and see LeBron looking at me, so I raise my beer and gave him a head nod. He starts to do a little jig, raises his drink, and gives me a head nod back.

Little did LeBron James know the head nod and beer raise I gave him was no ordinary acknowledgement. With that head nod (or blessing if you will) I BESTOWED THE STRENGTH OF WINNING AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP ON HIM. THAT HEAD NOD AND BEER RAISE WAS FOR THE CITY OF CLEVELAND AND CAV’S FANS EVERYWHERE! The head nod and beer raise I gave LeBron was the GREATEST HEAD NOD AND BEER RAISE OF ALL TIME! As he acknowledges my NBA Championship blessing, I see the super sayian aura of greatness get bigger. I like to call this encounter the prayer meeting, because God definitely blessed that encounter. As I finish my jig and my drink I rushed to the middle of the floor with this new found energy I got from LeBron not only acknowledging my existence, but me securing the NBA championship with the slight movement of my head in the upper direction. When LeBron gave me the head nod back, I felt my 2k and celebrity rating both triple. I was ready to shoot at the coldest chick in the club and give someone 26 points on 13 of 15 shooting. I then proceed to dance and I see a women dancing with her friends. So for fun, I go over to her and do the “ try and walk pass but brush the woman on my way pass so if she keep dancing I’m good but if she stops then I will keep walking like nothing ever happened” move. I thought I secured the dance when she then turns around and shines her phone light in my face and declines. She may have thought I was Kyrie or Iman Shumpert and thought this was her chance to secure a new Louie bag in the morning, but no. The only thing I could have offered her was ONE shot of Tito’s (No top shelf sweetie). As all of this is taking place I look over and see Iman still dancing. JR Smith then joins in on the fun but as he was coming down 3 steps, he takes the biggest banana peel slip and fall ever! LeBron then runs over and starts doing his trademark big face laugh! As the night continues, I felt my new found strength from LeBron fading. Also around that same time, the Lord notified me that my work was finished and that the championship was sealed so I could leave. So I finished my beer, said bye to my friend Mike, waived to LeBron (who acted like he did not see me this time but he was probably joking) and left.

Walking outside, I felt like a new man. Knowing that I would be a NBA champion soon was exciting news. From that moment on, I never doubted the Cavs unlike some of my “Talented 6” brothers. Though I did not get the recognition that I deserved for playing a part in winning that championship, Bron Bron knows what it is. So from now on when you see me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere; PUT SOME RESPECK ON MY NAME. I also sign autographs ($4.99 for autographs and $6.49 for pictures ). I’m walking NBA history now, what did you expect!