Parental Advisory: Keep Your Daughter Away From R. Kelly

A recent Buzzfeed article has brought R. Kelly back into the news, accusing him of running a "sex cult" and controlling the lives of several young women. This has left the women's families upset and frustrated. Yes, this is the R. Kelly who has given us countless classic R&B hits to make babies to, of the human and blue-jean variety (ask your older homies about what the "blue-jean baby" is). This is also the same R. Kelly who, somehow, was acquitted of all charges after a videotape surfaced of him engaging in sexual acts with a reportedly under-aged girl. And yes, this is the same R. Kelly who married Aaliyah when she was all of 15 years old simply because he was so infatuated with her.

So we've established that dude has a thing for young girls right? Okay, cool. Let's keep going.

According to the article, some of these young ladies who are supposedly under his control, were allowed by their parents to go with him on tour and also meet with him privately in hopes that he'd guide their music career.

Yeah, you read that right. Parents allowed their teenaged daughters to be whisked away by a man known to snack on under-aged women. It's like R. Kelly started singing "Step In The Name Of Love" and ran off with their daughters while the parents were to busy doing the "love slide."

As a father to 2 beautiful and impressionable little girls, I'd never let them go anywhere with anyone I or their mother didn't trust and approve of. ESPECIALLY NOT NO M'FIN R. KELLY!!! Dude doesn't even have any kids of his own! Why would that even seem okay to let the guy who sang "Keep It On The Down Low" near your unassuming, start struck daughter? Is the dream of fame and fortune that crucial to where parents were cool with this? My oldest daughter is 7 and she thinks the world of Zendaya. I'm sure Zendaya is a nice girl with no ill intentions, but I'll be hot-damned if I'll let her see the world with some random girl from a TV show, I don't care how old she is. Plenty of social media chatter surrounds the fact that these women are grown (about as grown as you can be at 19 and still living with and depending on your parents.) That doesn't matter; I know women in their 30's who won't even burp without their parent's approval, let alone decide to run away to R. Kelly's Chocolate Factory. 

R. Kelly is gross, he's basically Jerry Sandusky with a bald head, a silky voice and leather pants. The dude gyrates on auntie-aged women at his shows these days, how could these parents possibly think he wasn't going to do the same thing to their daughters?

He calls himself "the Pied Piper of R&B" and wore mask in the past all the time. Well, the Pied Piper stole all the village's children in the folk tale, and it looks like R. Kelly is living up to that moniker. How could that ever sound like somebody you would want your children to learn anything from?

*Turns up "12 Play"* He does make a good blue-jean baby-making jam though.