The Talented 6's Weekend Playlist: The Glo Up After The Grind


I made it!


After a full week of work, I am definitely ready to have fun, party, and relax in that order! I have been waiting for this weekend for a couple of weeks now as it is my beautiful sister Angel Hemingway's (IG: @blxck_angell) birthday weekend. I also got invited to an after work "kick it" with some of my colleagues at my new job today. Corner Alley bowling, drinks and fun ( I hope so because I barely know any of these people) seems like a great place to kick the weekend off. Friday night bowling, an early 6 hour shift Saturday at my side job, Saturday evening birthday dinner, and Saturday night "kick it". I Can't forget about church Sunday morning as one of my good friends is preaching for the first time. As you can see, I have a fun filled weekend planned. Since theme music accompanies amazing things, this weekend is no different. I am planning on having as much fun as possible this weekend so I need a playlist that will match my "lit-ness". So I decided to drop a weekend playlist to characterize my moments and events. With songs that range from straight R&B for that Sunday afternoon relax session after church to Gucci Mane (Trap Rap) for Saturday Night's sheniagians. This weekend will not have a dull moment, so why should my music!

And since I love Apple Music so much ,they actually should commission me for getting so many people to sign up, I have created the Playlist entitled "The Talented 6's Weekend Playlist: The Glo Up After The Grind" and made it public so you can listen this weekend as you navigate through your eventful or chill weekend. Click the picture below or the link above!

I start the playlist off with me leaving work and starting the weekend. Before I do anything, I see that direct deposit hit my bank account and I have to "turn up" for the lovely cause. Pay days are always great, even though adulting eats most of it. Packing up my stuff at work I'm playing this song to celebrate that cash ( the only thing I am missing is the machine)

1. Cash Machine -  Big Baby D.R.A.M. (2016) 

 Skipping out of work, I head to the bowling alley to join the festivities with my colleagues. This occasion calls for good music, "May I have a size 11 in bowling shoes and the Aux cord please!" Fun sounding songs with soothing beats can set the vibe for this fun non-work function. Whether the lyrics are heard or not, the hypnotizing beats set me up for success with my new found friends!

2. Can't Stop - Theophilus London feat Kanye West (2014)

3. I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) - Jamie xx feat Young Thug (2015)

4. Something About You - Majid Jordan (2016)

So Saturday evening is finally here. More music is needed for getting dressed for this dressy casual dinner (as my sister calls it) and for the car ride there. I need a smooth tune that will not only "bang" in the whip but also gets me mentally ready for the after dinner shenanigans (song #5). I get to the restaurant, take my seat, and look at the menu, "Waiter, may I have the Filet Mignon medium well and the Aux cord please." These tunes can play as some type of background music while the wine is pouring and the food is being ate (songs #6 - #8)

5. Circles - Pusha T Feat Ty Dolla $ign & Desiigner (2016)

6. Depends - Translee feat Zip K (2016)

7. No Limit - Usher feat Young Thug (2016)

8. Again - Fetty Wap (2015)

So after dinner, the fun really starts. Downtown, the west side, flats, wherever we go we need to be surrounded by good vibes only.  If you read my bio, you would have saw that I am an aspiring dancer when I'm drinking. So this occasion calls for songs that we can not only get down to but also keep the vibe of the night at an all time high. Regardless of what stage of "dancer" I'm in, I need music that will keep me moving at the bar and on the dance floor, "May I have a Jack and Coke and your Aux cord please." Trap music ( songs #10 and #13), hard hitting beats ( songs #9, #12), and fast paced/high energy tracks ( song #11) gets the job done for me. 

9. Caroline - Amine' (2016)

10. Bling Blaww Burr - Gucci Mane feat Young Dolph (2016)

11. Guidance - Travis Scott (2016)

12. Vice City - Jay Rock feat Black Hippy (2015)

13. Forever - Young Dolph feat T.I. (2016)

Now the night is coming to an end and the good-byes start to flow. I had a couple of drinks ( 1 drink per hour so I can drive home without legally being drunk), so I feel pretty good but sober walking to my car. The night was amazing and the fun never stopped, so why should it stop on the ride home? I will be passionately singing along to these tracks all the way home ( I am also an aspiring singer when I drink as well).

14. Planez - Jeremih feat J Cole (2015)

15. Nights - Frank Ocean (2016)

16. Controlla - Drake (2016)

I make it home safe and sound. With such a great night in the books, I am ready to hit the bed. I wake up on time for church, with no signs of a hang over ( I did not drink much). Getting dressed for church and driving to church I have some 1990's Fred Hammond and Kurt Franklin playing. Church was amazing and my friend really delivered the Word. Feeling inspired and ready to chill; on the way home I turn on these 4 very smooth and unwinding tracks. Sunday's are for rest and relaxation. I unwind with these 4 tracks.

17. Already Knew That - Ro James (2016)

18. Kreation (Intro) - Big K.R.I.T (2014)

19. With Me - DVSN (2016)

20. Permission - Ro James (2016)

This playlist was perfectly designed for a great weekend like the one I am going to have. I hope both of our weekends is as fun and smooth as this playlist. Now you can go through your weekend with the same tracks. Going from fun, to casual, to "turn up", to "turn down", to relaxing.