What All Of Us Can Learn From Meek Mill

In yesterday's news cycle, we learned that high-decibel rapper Meek Mill would be facing up to 4 years in prison for violating the terms of his probation, which stems from drugs and weapons charges Meek did time for back in 2008. Since his release in 2009, the probation has been extended several times, making it nearly 10 years Meek has been under the court's thumb. I was surprised to learn of this latest setback, which apparently was set off by 3 different incidents that have occurred within the past calendar year. According to court records, Meek was summoned to appear in court on charges he assaulted 2 pedestrians at a local airport in St. Louis, Missouri back in March of this year. Meek then was charged for reckless driving in August after videos surfaced on social media of him riding a dirt bike thru a residential New York City neighborhood while filming a music video. While the charges on both cases were dropped, Meek also recently failed a drug test, after submitting a request to travel out of state to perform. These recent incidents, coupled with his previous dealings with the judge presiding over the case, resulted in the sentence handed down yesterday.

I've written about things we can learn from famous individuals previously, so feel free to click here to view my post regarding the Ezekiel Elliot situation. 

Before we continue any further, I'd like to mention a housekeeping rule on what we aren't going to do in this particular post. 

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I absolutely hate when the social media machine cranks up and starts this kind of mess, so just understand I won't be engaging in anything like that.

One of the many lessons that we can all learn from Meek's current situation is that we are all governed by personal choice. It is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon us by The Creator; the unique ability to make decisions, think critically and reason deductively. Personal choices can be influenced by a number of outside factors, many of which will not be affected by the choice we all eventually end up making. For example, if I choose to spend money set aside for bills on kickin' it, the bar doesn't suffer any of the consequences that I will suffer. I chose to make that decision in poor judgement and bad discipline, and I can blame whoever and whatever till I'm blue in the face. Ultimately, it is up to me to make the correct personal choice. In the case of Meek Mill, his personal choices landed him in the hot water he currently finds himself boiling in. And yes, I understand and empathize with the fact that the justice system is a broken system in need of many reforms and changes, and that it is biased against our disenfranchised segment of the population- but that's half the story.

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Another lesson to be learned here is that the circle you choose to surround yourself with will have a major impact in determining your current and future path. I touched on this in a previous T6 post (which you can read here) about the importance of a power circle. While Meek is tight with many influential rap music moguls like JAY Z, T.I. and Rick Ross, it seems that his immediate circle needs some revamping. There seems to be too many yes-men and ball-hangers in the Dream Chasers crew- cats who want to rock the chain, pop bottles in VIP and snack on all the women. There's no reason why they shouldn't be insulating Meek from all outside negativity, knowing that he's still on probation and is required to tread lightly. Maybe they're not aware he's still on probation, or they don't care because it doesn't pertain to their livelihood. Either way, someone should've stepped up in that St. Louis airport before that fight broke out. Someone should've suggested a more private, secluded area to film a dirt-bike riding scene for that music video they were filming. And someone should've for damn sure passed Meek some clean piss to drop at the P.O's office. Meek's power circle failed him, and it needs an immediate overhaul. 

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Meek's personal choices have now affected his finances and his freedom for nearly 10 years. He's 30 years old with 2 young children looking to him to be the example of how they should live. I wish the best for Meek, but also sincerely hope that he will apply each lesson learned from this situation to his life going forward.