Adore Colour - Chevonne Harris



For day three of our series, “Blog Black Women, Blog” we have Chevonne Harris and her blog Adore Colour. is a five year old blog dedicated to celebrating the sheer awesomeness of women of color everywhere. Chevonne is an excellent writer and probably our favorite woman writer/blogger right now! Her pieces are so funny but yet insightful! Her last piece for Esquire Magazine is a must read (click the picture below) . 

We got a chance to ask Chevonne a few questions for our blog series, “Blog Black Women, Blog” where we shine the spotlight on a few dope blogs ran and created by dope black women during the last week of Women’s History Month! Before we dive into the interview, here are a few of our favorite blog post by Chevonne.





T6: What does it mean to you to not just be a woman, but a woman of color? 

CH: In a nutshell, women of color are simply magical. While our outside may drip finesse, inside we are a complex, yet beautiful mix of joy, pain, strength, vibrancy, don't take no mess-ness and hairstyles for days. Being a woman of color means that we come to the table with two bags — our race and our gender, and depending on the day, we're forced to prioritize one over the other (when in reality both can peacefully co-exist). It means waking up each day, adjusting our crowns, and knowing we'll have to run a little faster, work a little longer, stand a little taller and speak a little louder for our voices, thoughts and needs to be heard. It means we've been surviving, thriving and kicking a$$ at this thing called life, and will continue to do so until further notice. 

T6: Why did you start your blog, and whats your motivation to keep blogging?

CH: I started my blog for me. Maybe it's the Gemini in me, but it's always been hard for me to check just one box. I'm quiet, loud, introverted, humorous, ratchet at times, bougie at times, pop-culture obsessed and a slew of other things...and I had a feeling I wasn't the only one. I wanted a site that spoke to the depth and breadth of Millennial black women. We grind from 9-5, but will also take a second to vibe to Cardi B., or discuss worldly affairs, or laugh with our girlfriends about f**kbois. I, as all black women, am not monolithic — and that is what Adore Colour represents. It speaks to all of us. 

T6: Give us one writer, blogger, or blog and one non blogger that you look up to/motivates you.

CH:Writer/Blogger: Damon Young,  Very Smart Brothas

Non-Blogger: Toni Morrison

T6: What’s your favorite book and/or your current read and why?


CH: Favorite Book - Who picks just one?!? It changes by the day but right now my top pick is "What I Know for Sure" by Oprah Winfrey

Current Read: "The Autobiography of Gucci Mane"

T6: What's your favorite subject/thing to blog about and why?

CH: Any issue about, pertaining to, in defense or celebration of a black woman. From pop culture and current events, to something as nostalgic as our favorite 90’s songs we had no business listening to, I authentically enjoy creating content specifically designed to empower, inform and entertain black women. If we don't tell our stories, I'm sure some non-black, nowhere near "down" writer will and then we 'gotta fight...

T6:Why your blog is important to the Talented 6:

Your voice/blog is important because of the uniqueness of your writing. Your funny, but practical and you "be in your bag" when you write about things pertaining to the culture, black millennials, and the black church! Your writing is our favorite! You write about what black millennials need to hear.

T6: Now we've told you why your blog is important to us, so why is your blog/voice important to you and the world?

CH: My voice is important because it's my voice. The world is big and diverse place and we must have inclusive content reflecting that. People find assurance in knowing they are not alone. Just imagine going through life thinking you're the only one. The only one who subscribes daily to the book of Beyonce and NPR's "This American Life." The only one whose Spotify will switch from Jay-Z to Journey in a second. The only one out here grinding by any means necessary to achieve your dreams but also leave the office in time for happy hour, a massage or some socially-awkward networking event. The only one to luh God, Migos and "Gullah Gullah Island" all in the same hour. The only one to wonder when love, that winning lottery ticket and the next season of "Game of Thrones" will come. Imagine that were you. Then imagine that I came along.


We greatly appreciate Chevonne and her blog, make sure to visit her blog to check out this dope black woman!