Financially Fit & Fab - Tia Chambers

IMG_7612.PNG is a personal finance blog ran by Tia Chambers, a certified financial education instructor who helps millennials kick their finances into shape. She has been blogging about all things finance (which includes saving money, making money, budgeting, taxes, insurance, and more) for almost two years now. Her expertise in finance is second to none. The helpful tips, templates, and blog post she writes really aim to help people with everyday finances. There really is nothing she doesn’t cover on when it comes to finances! 

We got a chance to ask Tia some questions for our blog series, “Blog Black Women, Blog” where we shine the spotlight on a few dope blogs ran and created by dope black women during the last week of Women’s History Month! Before we get into the interview, here are a few of our favorite blog post by Tia.

T6: What does it mean to you to be not just a woman, but a woman of color?

Tia: Being a woman of color empowers me to accomplish anything I want to in the world. Women of color are literally phenomenal and I hope my financial literacy work will be seen as such.

T6: Why did you start blogging, and what’s you motivation to keep blogging?


Tia: Financially Fit & Fab is my third blog!  Blogging has always been a hobby and I have been able to turn Financially Fit & Fab into a business.  My first blog was about the quarter life crisis or the time after college where I felt confused about the future. My second blog was Naturally Fit and Fab where I discussed my health and natural hair journey. Although I don't write as much any more, blogging has helped me to educate millennials about finances. Either through my blog articles or more recently through in person speaking engagements.  I continue to blog and speak about finances because I know I’m able to help someone with my information. For example, 57% of Americans don’t have $1,000 saved. If reading one of my articles encourages just one person to increase their savings account, I know I've done a good job.

T6: Everyone has someone in their field who motivates them. Obviously, you’re one of those bloggers for us, but what blogger motivates you to keep grinding?

Tia: Michelle from is a blogger that motivates me. She makes over $100k per month from her blog. She also talks about finances. Her story is very inspiring in terms of her hard work paying off.

T6: Continuing to learn is very crucial, and one way to do that is to read. What is your favorite book and/or current read?


Tia: Last year I learned that 70% of millionaires read two or more books per month. Therefore, I’ve been reading more. However, there is one book that I always come back to which is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It focuses on the power of positive thinking to improve your life and accomplish goals.

T6: We know you’re a personal finance blogger, but what is your favorite subject to blog about under that umbrella?

Tia: My blog has a variety of subjects within the personal finance sphere including budgeting, saving, credit, investing and homeownership. My favorite category to write about is investing because there are so many misconceptions in the world about investing. My goal is to end many of the misconceptions associated with investing that keep many from building wealth.

T6: Your blog is very important to us, and here’s why:

Having strong finances is what makes or breaks a person's personal success, and even sometimes their personal happiness. Your blog gives the "cheat codes" to financial literacy in easy, understandable ways. You're showing people how to control their money and not let the lack of it control them, which is dope! Financial literacy is a very important and needed topic in the black community, and your blog is giving black millennials and young professionals another avenue to learn more about money.

T6: Now that we’ve told you why your blog is important to us, why is your blog/voice important to you and the world?

Tia: Every week I learn more about the disparity in financial literacy education. Most importantly, I learned that the average black household has $19k saved for retirement, whereas the average white household has over $130k saved for retirement. My goal is to put financial knowledge in the hands of millennials (and younger) so that we can build wealth.

We appreciate Tia, and we love her blog Financially Fit & Fab. Make sure to head to her website to check out her latest blog post and to stay informed!