Truly Tafakari - Dara Mathis


 For day two of our series, “Blog Black Women, Blog” we have Dara Mathis and her blog Truly Tafakari (say it: Tah-fuh-kah-ree). is a four year old lifestyle and social commentary blog that celebrates the beauty and brilliance of Black culture. Dara Mathis is black with a capital B y’all. She is woke with a sense of humor, her writing is A1, and her taste in content is unmatched with her titles and subject matter pulling you in to read more! We never can just read one blog post when we visit her blog! 

We got a chance to ask Dara a few questions for our blog series, “Blog Black Women, Blog” where we shine the spotlight on a few dope blogs ran and created by dope black women during the last week of Women’s History Month! Before we dive into the interview, here are a few of our favorite blog post by Dara Tafakari.



T6: What does it mean to you to not just be a woman, but a woman of color?

DM: For me, being a Black woman specifically means walking in the knowledge that my people have a lineage that is beautifully complicated, one we have managed to pass down from one generation to the next against all odds. I find the intersection of Blackness and womanhood to be a joyful experience, whether it is the sisterhood I feel with other Black women over hair and beauty, or the diversity of our culture. Being a Black woman feels like I walk with the universe at my fingertips.

T6: Why did you start your blog, and what's your motivation to keep

DM: I like to say that I am a writer with a blog. My profession and my training is as a writer, and so blogging came to me as an extension of that internal drive to write. I started my blog because I wanted to reach an audience and Facebook Notes was not the business! LOL. To be frank, it's very hard to keep blogging as the years unfold, for several reasons (work, parenthood, blogging fatigue, etc.) I don't blog as frequently as I used to because my work as a freelance writer has ramped up significantly since I started blogging--but that increase in work is a result of blog. I maintain my site because it also serves as an updated resume of my work, an informal home for my writing clips.

T6: Give us one writer, blogger, or blog and one non blogger that you look up to/motivates you.

DM: I stan for so many writers, so this is a hard question! I adore writer Kiese Laymon's work; what he does with language inspires me to reach deeper than simply telling the story or getting the words out. As for bloggers, my friend Eva of SocaMom is my fairy blogmother. She has been at it for years and is very good at engaging her audience, doing television appearances, and making blogging work for her as a business.

T6: What’s your favorite book and/or your current read and why?


DM: I just started "Hunger" by Roxane Gay; she's fantastic and the book is a devastatingly good read.




T6:What's your favorite subject/thing to blog about and why?

DM: Black culture is my home, and so whenever I'm writing about a cultural zeitgeist, the words just spill out of me. I have any opinion on almost everything!


T6: Why your blog is important to the Talented 6:

Truly Tafakari is an amazing blog with amazing writing! Your content is so meaningful. You give people a unique take on issues like race, "The Culture", and life. We enjoy you sharing your truth as a woman of color. Your blog is a true look into a strong, creative black woman's mind.

T6:Now we've told you why your blog is important to us, so why is your blog/voice important to you and the world?

DM: Truly Tafakari, as an extension of who Dara is, bears importance because it talks about the crossroads of so many Black women's experiences. I am a wife, a mother, and a writer, and a Black woman; my candid perspectives on each of these parts of me sometimes surprises people. But more than that, I'm unfailingly goofy, willing to laugh at myself and get it wrong so that I can get it right when it counts. My voice matters because no one else can tell a story like me.


We greatly appreciate Dara and her blog, make sure to visit her blog to check out this dope black woman!