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We would first like to congratulate you for taking a step in the right direction for your career by purchasing The Career Takeoff E-Book. We appreciate the support and wish you well in the future endeavors of your career. Below you will find the videos that are detailed in the career course.

Welcome to the Career Course

Ryan Rosenthal ( IG @Mr_Rosenthal) welcomes you to The Talented 6's Career Takeoff.

Why the course is important

Will Warren ( IG @Mr__Hemingway | TW@ GabeHemingway)Details why The Talented 6 Career Course is important to him, and why something like this is needed for young and seasoned professionals.

Utilizing The Course

Talented 6 member Gabriel Hemingway ( IG @Mr__Hemingway | TW@ GabeHemingway) tells you how to utilize the Talented 6 Career Course. Breaking down each section and what each section entails.

Picking Your Major

Benjamin recaps how he chose his college major and how you can use the same steps to choose your college major!

Changing your Major and/or your Career

Will gives some advice on how to find exactly what you want to do with your life. It's ok to not have all the answers!

Sacrificing: Ryan’s Internship Story

Ryan shares his internship story about perseverance and sacrifice with the BSU @ Baldwin Wallace College.

“Tell me about yourself.” - Nailing the Interview Question

Ryan answers the most popular interview question, "Tell me about yourself" along with giving a quick recap of why and the tips you should use when answering this question.

Ben’s Interview from Hell

Ben Hemingway details his worse job interview ever in this quick video!

Ryan’s Black Brand

Ryan shares how he looks at his skin color as an advantage in his career and not a disadvantage.

Finessing the Bag - Salary Negotiation

Two seasoned professionals sit down to talk about salary negotiation and the keys to a successful finesse a bigger bag!

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Mentorship, why it matters. Our Story

Ryan and rico talk mentorships.

Paid vs Unpaid Internships: Our Internship Stories

Ben and Ryan detail how they got their internships and whether the focus should be on finding an internship that is paid, or unpaid.

Thank You Emails: The Real MVP

Benjamin tells his story of how he received a job offer just by sending a thank you email!

Will’s Weirdest Interview Question

Will tells us his weirdest interview question he has ever been asked in a job interview. Watch his funny reply!

Developing your Career Brand with Ronald Simpson

Ron talks to the BSU at Baldwin Wallace College about his career brand and his story on how he developed his career brand was.

Will Warren on why perception matters and his brand

Will Warren on why perception matters and his brand

Does Being Loyal to a Company Pay?

Rico and Ryan give their take on being loyal to a company vs being loyal to your own self interest.

Building your Power Circle

4 members of the Talented talk about their power circle and the importance of the group chat