Episode 31: Why do Relationships fail within the first 6 months?

Gabriel is joined by the lovely and elegant Akeesha today to discuss a very interesting topic.  Why do new relationships fail within the first 6 months?  We both give our perspective and share some experiences both good and bad that we each have lived through that in result were reasons relationships didn't last.  Also, we give some pointers on what you can do to help strengthen your relationship and make it to that first year.  Enjoy!!

Episode 30: The Art of Money Management

Today, The Talented 6 are joined by Riccole White of GoldenKey Investments. They dive into the conversation of money. Saving, budgeting, investing, and how money habits whether good or bad are passed down to your children. Riccole also tells us about the "Real Black Friday" project where he and his partners will be giving back to the city of Cleveland each week this summer! Check it out! This is a show you don't want to miss!

Episode 28: The "Male Romper Slander" Episode

Talented 6 members Ben, Will, and Ryan come together to discuss (slander) the Male Romper's movement that swept over social media this week. They give their takes on the art of self expression, the culture's present state, men in women's clothing, and other male romper related topics

Episode 27: Mentally, Physically, and Financially Fit w/ Beyond Wynn and Riccole White

The Talented 6 is joined by two talented entrepreneurs who through building relationships and perseverance have become two well known names in the Cleveland real estate community. Real estate investors Beyond Wynn and Riccole White join the podcast today

Episode 26: WOMEN, Be Who You Want To Be. Butt Shots and All

The Talented 6 is joined by two very talented women. Angel Hemingway - Make Up Artist/Beauty vlogger and Ariel Whisenton - Fashion Designer and owner of Regal Blvd clothing line join Benjamin to talk about pursing your passion at all cost, the importance of women staying true to themselves, growing up and getting out of the hood, dating, and much more. Make sure to subscribe and comment if you enjoyed this episode.   

Episode 25: The GoldenKeys of Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Investing

This week, the Talented 6 is joined by two entrepreneurs and real estate investors in the city of Cleveland. Riccole White (Owner of GoldenKey Investments and Real Estate Coach/Mentor) and Brad Cavanaugh  (Kings Housing Network and Property Manager) join the Talented 6 crew to talk investing in real estate, the hustle of an entrepreneur, the importance of mentorship, buying the block back, and much more. Make sure to rate and subscribe if you enjoy this podcast!     

Skipping 2 Grades Will Not Make You Cooler

We have a very special guest on the Talented 6 Podcast as Brandon Brown, (Actor and Future Lawyer) joins the show. Brandon talks with Will, Ryan, and Ben about the negatives of SKIPPING TWO GRADES in middle school and high school (Yes, TWO GRADES). The group also touches on the importance of your significant other backing you, why strong parents and mentors make a difference, and Valentine's Day Weekend moves. Enjoy! 

It Goes Down In Leah's DM

On this episode of The Talented Podcast, Talented 6 member Benjamin is joined by two of his good friends from High school; Leah Martin and Micheal Goin. They touch on an array of things from Leah's DMs, to the Twitter Backlash from Netflix's new series " Dear White People", and approaching women! Enjoy! 

Episode 18: Follow Your Dreams Well Styled w/ Ben Holbert

On this Cleveland addition of The Talented 6 podcast, the Cleveland crew are joined by fashion stylist, influencer, and brand connoisseur Ben Holbert. He discusses his experience in New York, following his dream, and much more. The Talented 6 crew also discuss the new "Fences" movie, The "Wokeness War", what we left in 2016 and more. Enjoy!